Insurgent Encampment

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Insurgent Encampment[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Uriok system of the Ani constellation.


The Amarr Empire calls them rebels, in the eyes of most Minmatars they're freedom fighters. Yet the strange assortment of pilots that frequent the Uriok system can hardly be classified as either. Most are rebels without a cause, fighting for twisted honor or scraps of money, rather than freedom or other high ideals. Still, some few cling to what small vestige of insurgence that still exists. This is their camp.


Schebach Korten - Sebiestor Tribe[edit]

(Intelligence/Level 3/Quality 0/Event)

Anarchy - Burning Need (1 of 3)[edit]

Anarchy - Home Sweet Home (2 of 3)[edit]

Anarchy - Innocence Lost (3 of 3)[edit]

Tarak Horkund - Brutor Tribe[edit]

(Administrator/Level 3/Quality 0/Event)

Blind Seer - Bones (1 of 4)[edit]

Blind Seer - Divination (2 of 4)[edit]

Blind Seer - Trauma (3 of 4)[edit]

Blind Seer - Tit For Tat (4 of 4) [edit]