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The Intaki Liberation Front (ILF) is a CONCORD-recognized corporation headquartered in Intaki. ILF operates primarily in low-security space as well as certain hisec systems in Placid. The corporation's primary mission is to create a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty through anti-pirate combat and industrial operations taking place in space and on the ground. ILF is also the executor of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) alliance.

Name Intaki Liberation Front
Ticker [IL]

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Corporation History[edit]

The Intaki Liberation Front was founded on December 22, YC108 by Saxon Hawke as a political organization advocating non-violent secession of the Intaki system from the Gallente Federation.

Although not the first or only separatist group created in New Eden, ILF filled a void that existed between more Federal-leaning corporations like Placid Reborn and violent revoluntionary groups like Intaki Union.

In the months following ILF's founding, Hawke began to publish a series of academic papers on the failure of the Federation to provide a reasonable quality of life for those Intaki and others who chose to live in the home system.

As the corporation's ideals attracted followers, ILF began to branch out beyond its original roots as a think tank by taking an increasingly active role in the Intaki system. Combat pilots were tasked with providing security to law-abiding citizens under "Not Red - Don't Shoot" (NRDS) rules of engagement, while industrial-minded individuals worked to strengthen the local economy. These operations gradually widened in scope to include neighboring systems which had originally fallen under the jurisdiction of the Intaki Assembly. This area became known within ILF as the Intaki sovereignty.

Given its secessionist political agenda, ILF quickly grew to stand at odds with certain elements of both the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation, as Intaki and many other solar systems inside ILF's area of operations are contested space under permissions granted by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110. Although the corporation has high interest in ensuring neither the State nor the Federation hold power within the Intaki sovereignty, the war powers act is too narrow in scope to allow ILF to form a recognized militia without simultaneously declaring loyalty to an empire. As such, while the Empyrean War quickly spread, ILF leadership decided to declare the corporation a neutral entity.

The most notable ally ILF has forged relations with is the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive (I-RED) which, as a subsidiary of Ishukone Corporation, maintains strong loyalties to the Caldari State. ILF and I-RED have cooperated on numerous occasions for the betterment of the Intaki sovereignty. Although not affiliated with or loyal to the State, ILF most often seems to find common ground with Caldari groups, likely due to the Caldari people's history of secession from the Federation.

On January 31, YC112, ILF formed the Intaki Prosperity Initiative alliance to allow other corporations interested in ILF's mission to formally join the cause under one banner.

ILF Today[edit]

The Intaki Liberation Front remains committed to creating a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty. The targeted area has grown to encompass just over 50 systems, though the most important core locations are Intaki, Agoze, Annancale, Brarel, Eugales, Frarie, Harroule, Ostingele, and Vey.

Early in YC115, ILF began taking in clone soldiers under the direction of then-Acting CEO Sakaane Eionell as part of a new recruitment campaign aimed at preparing the secessionist corporation for the eventuality of hostile infantry forces spreading into the Placid region. During this time, Eionell also began revamping internal ILF policies in an effort to strengthen and improve the organization's overall operations. The NRDS ROE was amended to "Not Hostile - Don't Shoot" (NHDS) and the corporation's area of operations was formalized as part of a similar review within the Intaki Prosperity Initiative which saw IPI adopt ILF's secessionist agenda<ref>ANN Exclusive: IPI to Revise Political Stance After Tumultuous Year</ref>.

On June 19, YC115, after a long absence, Saxon Hawke resigned as Suresha and CEO of ILF, appointing Sakaane Eionell to take his place. Since then, ILF has continued its internal review and recruitment campaign. With the inclusion of clone soldiers in its ranks and a quiet revision to its Empyrean War philosophy, rumors circulate that ILF might be taking a more militant stance going forward.

Public ILF Projects[edit]

Two major projects are spearheaded by the Intaki Liberation Front which the public is invited to participate in.

As ILF is anti-pirate and anti-drug, interested parties must plan their economic ventures in the Intaki sovereignty accordingly. The welfare of the citizens of that area is of utmost importance to ILF. Entities which prey on upstanding citizens within ILF's area of operations are guaranteed to receive a cold reception.

All Traders Welcome[edit]

On March 9, YC112, the Intaki Liberation Front, in cooperation with past and present members of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative, its allies and interested third parties, began working to establish viable trade hubs in lowsec Placid in an effort to improve the economic landscape of the Intaki sovereignty.

The first hub was launched at the Astral Mining Inc. Refinery station orbiting Intaki Prime's fifth moon. The driving vision for the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub has been to create a "one-stop shop for small and medium ships". A limited selection of battleship hulls and related items are offered for sale from time to time as well, though the emphasis has been and continues to be to offer everything a capsuleer needs from shuttle to battlecruiser.

During July YC112, over 160 ship hulls were sold at the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub in addition to hundreds of millions of ISK worth of items used to fit those ships. August YC112 saw sales of the first small T2 ships from Astral Mining.<ref name=success>Intaki Liberation Front Declare Trade Hub a Success:</ref>

The second trade hub was launched on April 8, YC114 at the Center for Advanced Studies station orbiting Agoze IX's second moon. The Agoze IX-2 hub exists to stockpile and sell minerals and ores. It is ILF's hope the manufacturing facilities located in that station will provide the Viriette constellation with a solid foundation for heavy industry.

The increased mining, manufacturing, shipping, and sales activities associated with these trade hubs have created numerous new jobs and have provided handsome profits for industrialists and traders who choose to operate there<ref name=success />.

Intaki Prime Relief Effort[edit]

On May 1, YC111, Scope News published a report on the confusion and shortages spreading on Intaki Prime<ref>Confusion, Shortages Spreading On Intaki Prime:</ref> following the State's first occupation of Intaki in the Empyrean war. In response to this, the Intaki Liberation Front launched the Intaki Prime Relief Effort to bring much-needed supplies into the system. During one operation that received widespread media attention<ref>Intaki Liberation Front Delivers Aid to Intaki Prime:</ref>, ILF provided over 150,000 m3 of supplies to the homeworld.

The specific shortages caused by the YC111 occupation largely abated after State forces withdrew, however Intaki (and other systems in the sovereignty) continue to be burdened by supply deficiencies aggravated by the area's low-security status, the prevailing presence of Serpentis and capsuleer pirates, and general instability created due to militia activity. The relief effort therefore remains an important ILF project. As news of the relief effort spread, donations from ILF allies as well as other unaffiliated groups quickly became the norm.

In March of YC115, Imperfects organized a combat tournament on Intaki Prime which included bombardment of the surface from orbit. The Intaki Assembly harshly condemned what they called "illegal bloodsport which caused untold damage to the planetary biosphere"<ref>Intaki Assembly condemns "orbital strike tournament":</ref>. This incident, which came in the wake of destructive ground fighting on Intaki Prime between Federation and State forces<ref>Ishukone expresses anger at Caldari Providence Directorate as ground fighting erupts on Intaki homeworld:</ref>, spurred ILF to renew its call for relief support with the public, and in the end over 158,000 m3 of supplies were collected to assist with reclamation of the areas hardest hit.

ILF and the Interstellar Correspondents[edit]

Over the years, the Intaki Liberation Front has appeared in the media numerous times.

reported by ISD Rhom Windfell | 20.01.YC113 17:23
reported by ISD Markus Valkynar | 27.10.YC112 23:28
reported by ISD Rhom Windfell | 20.07.YC112 11:53
reported by ISD Xaphan San | 21.03.YC112 18:10
reported by ISD Rhom Windfell | 18.10.YC111 22:52
reported by ISD Rhom Windfell | 10.09.YC111 00:54
reported by ISD Rhom Windfell | 29.08.YC111 02:32

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