Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Ticker IAC
Type 0.0
Founded 2004-12-11
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO
Public Channel
Website IAC
Executor GENCO
Members GNCSY

General information[edit]

The Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate (IAC) is one of the oldest alliances in Eve. It held 0.0 space for longer than almost any other alliance, until IAC fell apart mainly due to the completely destructive leadership of the Russian pilot Hachou who managed to turn all of IAC's long time allies into enemies.


One of the first officially created alliances. The IAC has a long and varied history - from its birth in empire to expansion and claiming of 0.0 space and various successful defences of the beloved JZV constellation - the IAC has proven itself time and again a force to be reckoned with.

Apocalypse Imperial Issue Loss[edit]

On 10 December 2006, IAC lost one of the only two Apocalypse Imperial Issue battleships known to exist in New Eden, during a tournament match versus Cult of War. Even the tournament commentators were stunned speechless following the loss.

War with Interstellar Starbase Syndicate[edit]

IAC was involved in a POS and Outpost war with Interstellar Starbase Syndicate (ISS). The war was a result of long-standing tensions between IAC and ISS over various political issues.

Hostilities began in earnest when IAC announced a standing change to -10 on EVE TV during the 3rd Alliance Tournament after the IAC team was knocked out by Cult of War. After a few skirmishes the ISS hired Mercenary Coalition, Firmus Ixion, and Veto for the purpose of taking IAC's F4R2-Q outpost, Bottleshop. Lotka Volterra also came in support of ISS fielding multiple capital ships and Template:Char was seen piloting his Avatar on several occasions.

The F4R2-Q outpost "Bottleshop" was claimed by ISS and renamed "ISS Kopernicus" shortly before Christmas. The station was retaken by IAC after the intervention of Red Alliance, Against All Authorities, GoonSwarm, Imperium, Shroud of Darkness, Tau Ceti Federation and others. When Lotka Volterra and Mercenary Coalition withdrew from combat, IAC and friends went on the offensive, taking the ISS outpost "ISS Marginis" and renaming it "IAC Martinis" on 2007.01.09.

War with Against All Authorities[edit]

2008.07.25 IAC, along with several other alliances engaged a large -A- fleet in Catch. As the numbers mounted, the ensuing battle ended up being one of the largest battles to that date.

After several diplomatic incidents, -A- and their allies vowed to take two station systems. IAC leadership told the member corporations that help was coming while pleading with former allies, such as goonswarm, to come to their aid. Unfortunately, IAC was already coming apart at the seams and leadership was unable to control the alliance. Several further diplomatic incidents led to IAC being reset by most other alliances.

Several diplomatic incidents is a reference to Hachou calling EvilThug out in the Russian EVE-O forum, in which ET called for his apology "or else." Hachou decided not to apologize and played a gambit which ultimately failed. This caused the reset from Neut to Red between IAC and -A-, first nail in the coffin. At this point, Eaiaden of Baptism of Fire, the then Diplomat for IAC, contacted Goons and basically told them they're useless when at the time Darius Johnson encouraged the apology as war was coming to EVE. This resulted in Goons setting IAC Neut, which caused most of the panic. Inciting several member corporations to evacuate assets and towers from the JZV Constellation.

Many of the member corporations were already pulling assets out when -A- began their invasion, but once other alliances reset IAC, with the hope of reinforcements crushed, there was a mass-exodus from IAC space. At this point only Baptism of Fire under the leadership of Narcotic XII and International House of PWNCakes under the joint leadership of Pi Patel and Armadaus Baldwin remained in Catch to fight, which they did down to the last ship in true IAC fashion of being wasted while flying and a general hazard to anyone they could lock...

There were two instances of drama during the entire enterprise. Appleboy who was never a Capital FC, he wasn't trusted to compotently do anything other than Towers and Logistics... whoever gave him access to the Dread Stores was an idiot. He ran off with about 50 Dreadnaughts, Capital Components and 30 Death Star kits (the latter he later handed over to Skullkeeper, who kept them for himself instead of turning them over to IAC).

Hachou made the call to kick out any and all non-PVP Corporations who couldn't pay 500m every fourteen days. It was argued fervently against by all of the FCs and most of the Executive staff, however supported by Eaiaden, he went ahead and did it anyways. Morale suffered, IAC collapsed.

Everyone goes red[edit]

Seeing the war with -A- continuing to go poorly, other nearby alliances vowed to also invade IAC space. Within a few weeks, IAC collapsed, and the space it had held was divided up among several alliances, primarily -A-.


BLACK... was never a ressurrection of IAC. It was an Alliance formed initially by Baptism of Fire, International House of PWNCakes and Imperium Technologies as a Place Holder until moving on to a true Alliance, and a competitor in Alliance Tournament Six. That other smaller, and non AT6 centric corps were brought in to the Alliance was soley to give everyone some fun and hit former TCF Space in Wicked Creek to deny it to the BOB Coalitiion for something to do. BLACK was killed when Modro and Association of Commonwealth Enterprises Directors used their Exec alts to hijack the sole BLACK owned station and all Alliance Assets. At that point, IPWN and BOF were already leaving as AT6 was over and there were other wars to fight.

2012 Re-acquirement[edit]

IAC was reacquired in January of 2012 by it's founding corporation, GENCO.

IAC's current goals are to re-core the alliance, reaching out to ex-IAC pilots as well as new eve pilots in an effort to rebuild the Drunken Cat into what it was during the Catch days. It is being led by its original founding corporation, GENCO, who has been around since the beginning of EVE and is full of very knowledgeable and drunk-prone players.

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