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The Interstellar Revolutionary Fellowship[edit]

The Interstellar Revolutionary Fellowship (IRF), also known as 'the Interstellar', is an association of independent members, autonomous groups and other affiliated organizations. The Interstellar does not function as a centralizing organization. Instead, it exists as a means for improving communication between its members, facilitating the exchange of strategic and tactical information and insights for organizing revolutionary activities at a transnational level. The political independence and freedom to act for all members, sections and affiliates is the key principle of the Interstellar.

Aims of the Interstellar[edit]

As recently reaffirmed at the YC112 Yulai Congresss of the IRF the principal aim of the Interstellar is the creation of an absolutely free economic organization wholly independent of any political government.

The Interstellar believes that this can only come about in a lasting way through diverse revolutions from the bottom-up rather than via a top-down imposition of universal change by a party seizing power and becoming in its own right a ruling class.

History of the Interstellar[edit]

The origins of the Interstellar Revolutionary Fellowship lie in the growing co-operation and recognition of a need for co-operation between liberal, radical and revolutionary elements within the populations of all the nations of New Eden.

The Caldari Experience[edit]

Taking a leading role in the effort at this time were various Caldari radicals and organizations such as the Caldari Free Workers Confederation (CFWC) and the Open Standards Brigade (OStB). The experience of the suppression of the Brothers of Freedom had shown many Caldari radicals that working alone within the State was not enough. The CFWC had held itself apart from the Brothers of Freedom due to political and tactical differences but was in any event subject to increased suppressive measures from a Caldari State seeing no great difference between the two organizations. Indeed, some former Brothers of Freedom members did subsequently join the CFWC as it remained an active force within the State, whereas the surviving rump of 'Brotherhood' chose exile in the Federation and Republic.

While the Brotherhood remained apart, its sympathies with the Caldari workers and people remained strong and many of the Brothers were happy to facilitate contacts with Gallente and Minmatar radical groupings. In this way the CFWC was able to speak to leaders of the Gallente Anarcho-Syndicalist Operaio (GASO) and the Black Khumaak Society (BKS). Out of these contacts arose the first Congress of the Interstellar Revolutionary Fellowship.

The Iivinen Congress, YC110[edit]

The Iivinen Congress was originally to be held in the CONCORD station in this Caldari Border Zone system on New Year's day YC110. Relatively easy to get to for those delegates attending from GASO and the BKS, together with the independent members from across New Eden that had been alerted to the Congress, the system seemed ideal given the CONCORD station was notionally a neutral location.

The hopes of the CFWC organisers for tolerance on the part of CONCORD were dashed when police troops arrested a number of their early arriving delegates at the docks. This bode ill for the Congress and urgent messages were sent to the other delegations warning of likely arrest. At the suggestion of the BKS delegation, a rendezvous at the P10 M10 Genolution Biohazard Containment Station was agreed in the hope that the notoriously aloof Jove would not be party to the suppression that had clearly been organized. Sure enough all delegations were permitted to dock safely but, again at the suggestion of the BKS, it was decided not to test the limits of Jove hospitality and to gather aboard the BKS charter vessel, a Wreathe-class tramp hauler called Koser, and hold the Congress in orbit around the nearby ice planet.

The advice proved sound and no experiencing no further molestation from police or military forces, the Congress proceeded and agreed that an 'Interstellar Revolutionary Fellowship' now existed with the aim of 'achieving of a free economic organization and federation based upon work and equality and independent of any government' holding that 'such an organization or federation can only come into being through the spontaneous action of the people through their worker societies and through self-governing communes.'

It was also agreed that a good start had been made but that it was imperative to establish contacts with Amarrian comrades and comrades in all parts of New Eden.

The Upheavals of YC110[edit]

While the Interstellar worked to grow the movement and seek contacts in those areas of New Eden not represented at the Iivinen Congress, historical forces acted powerfully to create a period of enormous political and social upheaval in the core empires. This is not the place to rehearse the history of those times again and plentiful sources and references exist for those seeking general historical accounts, not least in the New Eden Encyclopedia itself. Insofar as the radical and revolutionary movements were concerned, it might have been that the YC110 upheavals were an opportunity for real revolution that was missed, but a realistic analysis is that our strength was not yet sufficient. Even so, some advances were made even though there were reversals.

In the Caldari State, the 'May Revolution' of the Provists swiftly proved to be nothing more than a power grab by a gang of thugs hypnotizing the masses with promises of a better life and 'true Caldari values'. The gross appeal to a base and violent patriotism, together with the mad world view of the Dictator Heth, made it inevitable that an attack on the Gallente with Caldari Prime as its focus would come. The timing of this attack, as we all know, was in the end set by others.

Internally, all threats to the Provists were ruthlessly suppressed. As the Provists counted for much of their power on the support of the workers, this meant of course that other worker organizations and radical groupings were the main focus of the suppression. The advocates of the old corporatism were in general left alone, their toothlessness in the face of the Provist revolution having been established. Nevertheless, the CFWC, OStB and other associated groupings, while suffering casualties to imprisonment and murder, were able to survive and attract men and women of intelligence and skill well able to see the true outlines of the Provist program. However, the concentration of effort on survival under the storm conjured up by Heth meant that organising effort within the Interstellar was difficult for Caldari comrades in this period.

Happily, the comrades of GASO and the BKS were well able and eager to take up the challenge having been impressed with the possibilities they saw at the previous Congress. It was the BKS that initiated contacts with the Internal Amarrian Revolutionary Organization (INARO) and the Ni-Kunni Free Brotherhood (NKFB). The comrades of GASO meanwhile concentrated on recruiting new members and organising sections across the vast territories of the Gallente Federation and beyond to the colonies and installations of 0.0.

In the chaos of the cluster-wide war that began in June of YC110, the contacts between BKS, INARO and NKFB solidified despite INARO attempting a general revolution on several Amarrian planets during the Minmatar-Thukker Invasion. This last spirited but overconfident action led to a vicious suppression of INARO and the imprisonment, enslavement and execution of thousands of its members. In the wake of this, the remaining INARO cells reached the same conclusion that the Caldari revolutionaries had reached after the Brothers of Freedom affair.

The Bei Congress, YC111[edit]

The Bei Congress of the Interstellar was primarily a meeting that clarified numerous matters of ideology and the limits of co-operation with other social and political groupings. A well-attended Congress of some 204 delegates held in the Freedom Extension Retail Centre in Bei, there were few problems experienced other than some violent scuffles between the BKS and tribalist gangs objecting to the program of the BKS and its use of the symbolism of the Khumaak.

The Congress was attended by many groupings, including delegations from the CFWC, OStB and a single ordinary member of the Brothers of Freedom for the Caldari; delegations from the BKS and the Minmatar Democratists for the Minmatar; delegations from GASO, the Gallente Communist Party, the Intaki Social Democratic Party and the Communist Federation for the Gallente; delegations from INARO and the NKFB from the Amarr Empire.

The major issue of contention at this Congress was the role of the state and political government. It became clear that the Minmatar Radical Democratists in alliance with the Social Democrat and Communist groupings from the Gallente Federation saw the route to revolution through the state and political unity, if they favoured revolution at all. The independent members and anti-government minded sections of the Interstellar were able to defeat a resolution calling for unity of political aims and actions and reaffirmed the principle of political independence. While the Congress broke up in amity, it was clear to many that a faultline had developed in the Interstellar that would not easily be bridged.

It was later communicated to the BKS that the management of Freedom Extension would no longer welcome gatherings of its members of any associated with it. As a result it was resolved by the organising committee to find a location for the next congress that would be totally independent without requiring the privations of meeting in a cramped spaceship, as at the Iivnen Congress.

Break with Democratists and State Communists[edit]

Within months of the Bei Congress the Minmatar Radical Democratists had formally served notice that they no longer wished to participate. It was not long before the Intaki Social Democrats and the two Communist groupings of the Gallente Federation also split from the IRF. The remaining sections and members were left with an Interstellar now unified both in its stated principles and in the true beliefs of its membership, and therefore few eyes needed to be dried at the departure of the state communists and parliamentarian elements.

The Yulai Congress, YC112[edit]

The Yulai Congress of the IRF was attended by 163 delegates on New Year's Day YC112 and was held at an automated sulphur mine located on a volcanic island on Yulai III. This island was spontaneously renamed from its official designation of LVI23 to 'Congress Island'. A new organization attending the IRF at this Congress was the Thukker Free Caravans Alliance (TFCA), which had affiliated in the previous year through the efforts of the BKS following the decision of the Thukker Tribe leadership to rejoin the Minmatar Republic.

An important matter arising from the personal development of many individuals in the Interstellar, approaching or already having graduated as capsuleers, was the question of capsuleer membership and affiliation to the Interstellar. Many not themselves likely to graduate as capsuleers also took the line that it was essential strategically to include capsuleers in the movement. A lively debate at the Congress ended with an Accord on Capsuleer Membership and Affiliation passed by 133 in favour to 26 against. The accord emphasised the equality of all members of the IRF, irrespective of background or class.

The Congress also agreed a Pact of Independence, Solidarity and Friendship, once more emphasising the aim of the Interstellar to create a free economic organization based on solidarity and political independence.

Owing to the care with which this location was selected by the organising committee, no delegates suffered any difficulties and it was agreed that the approach of selecting secret locations for meetings on planets, moons or other stable bodies was a sound one.

Autonomous Sections and Affiliated Organizations[edit]

Black Khumaak Society (BKS)[edit]

A non-tribalist and progressive anarchist organization, the Black Khumaak Society has been a subject of much controversy among traditionalist and tribe-observant Minmatar, not least for its use of the symbolism of the Khumaak. The BKS point out that the Khumaak is a universal symbol of freedom among the Minmatar and not inherently tribal or even traditional, particularly given its origins as an Amarrian rod of command. Such arguments cut no ice with traditionalists of course and the BKS members often find hostility among their fellow Minmatar in public. Privately, they often find that more progressive and educated Minmatar are sympathetic to the aims of the BKS.

The BKS is estimated to have approximately 175,000 members spread across the various planets and habitats of the Minmatar.

Caldari Free Workers Confederation (CFWC)[edit]

The Caldari Free Workers Confederation has existed in one form or another for decades. It traces its origins to a series of worker rebellions and ruthless suppressions during the end stages of the First Caldari-Gallente War, when the security of the Caldari State had essentially been established but working conditions continued in many places to be atrocious. The mass imprisonments and ringleader executions of that period led to a new consciousness of the injustice of the corporate system among many Caldari workers and several worker societies were founded in response to the suppressions. The CFWC holds to a collectivist political philosophy and believes that a truly just collectivism can only come about in Caldari society when the State is destroyed and the power of the Big 8 Megacorporations broken.

The CFWC has experienced much oppression throughout its existence, at its height the organization could claim some 250,000 members across the Caldari State. Now, after the suppressions following both the Brothers of Freedom affair and the Provist rise to power, the CFWC can count on a membership of approximately 100,000.

Gallente Anarcho-Syndicalist Operaio (GASO)[edit]

The Gallente Anarcho-Syndicalist Operaio operates throughout the Gallente Federation and experiences no political suppression and little violence directed against it. Even so, the apparatus of the state, the power of capitalist corporations and the personality-obsessed nature of Gallente politics all work against GASO in its efforts to raise the consciousness of the Gallente working classes. Nevertheless, in the outer regions of the Federation and among the almost hidden underclass of the Federation, GASO has made some gains in recent years.

Formidable organisers at a grass-roots level, the GASO syndicates have attracted a membership in excess of 300,000 across the Federation.

Internal Amarrian Revolutionary Organization (INARO)[edit]

The Internal Amarrian Revolutionary Organization has a long history of revolutionary activity within the Amarrian Empire. At one time the primary means of advancing its aims was assassination of Amarrian Holders and officials by any and every means. This policy led to the deaths of many Holders and officials but equally the deaths of many bystanders and most of INARO's assassins. This exclusive reliance on propaganda of the deed came to an end with the death of Gerz Rhatel in YC109. Rhatel had been the unquestioned head of INARO for two decades and refused to countenance moderation of the policy of the organization. With his death a new cadre of leaders came to the fore and their willingness to recognise the futility of terrorism in isolation of an overarching strategy changed INARO almost overnight.

While INARO is still feared by some as an organization capable and willing to carry out assassinations, the frequency and brutality of such actions as seen under Rhatel is a thing of the past. INARO cells attempted a broad revolution across several Amarrian core planets during the Minmatar-Thukker Invasion. This effort failed and INARO was subject to a massive suppressive action by the Amarrian Ministry of Internal Order. As a result, INARO membership is now probably no more than 40,000 from a height before the invasion of perhaps 270,000.

Ni-Kunni Free Brotherhood (NKFB)[edit]

The Ni-Kunni Free Brotherhood has its origins in the secret brotherhoods that are a feature of certain sections of Ni-Kunni society. The NKFB differs in that its aims are not entirely self-centered and indeed it seeks to free the Ni-Kunni as a whole from the domination of the Amarr Empire. Cautious and relatively small, the NKFB is nonetheless a significant player among the lower orders of the Amarr Empire on worlds and in cities where Ni-Kunni are found in large numbers.

It is estimated that the NKFB has a little over 50,000 members.

Open Standards Brigade (OStB)[edit]

The Open Standards Brigade is an association of libertarian Caldari originating in the struggle of some independent information scientists against the imposition of proprietary standards by the Caldari Megacorporations. The OStB rapidly evolved from a pressure group agitating for open communications and information standards to a radicalised and militant underground movement. The OStB can often be found providing surveillance and intelligence support to its allies as well as engaging in special actions and sabotage against enemies of liberty.

The OStB is a very small and highly-specialized group that generally works alongside the CFWC. It numbers perhaps 5,000 members.

Thukker Free Caravans Alliance (TFCA)[edit]

A relatively new grouping, crystallizing out of a number of small caravans and independent ships in the wake of the Thukker Tribe's decision to join the Minmatar Republic. While by no means the only or biggest grouping of Thukker caravans and ship's crews to oppose the union with the Republic, the Thukker Free Caravan Alliance is perhaps one of the more ethically-minded. There are no pirates, slave-traders or wreckers among the caravans and ships of the TFCA. Smugglers and appropriationist salvagers, yes, but countereconomic activity has long been a way of life for many among the Thukker.

The TFCA counts its members in terms of caravans and ships. Of these it can be said that the TFCA represents some 20 minor caravans and perhaps 100 independent ships. This probably amounts to 50,000 individuals but could be as high as 150,000 given the complexity and fluidity of Thukker society.

Capsuleer Membership and Affiliation Accord[edit]

At the Yulai Congress of YC112, the Interstellar Revolutionary Fellowship agreed an Accord on Capsuleer Membership and Affiliation. This accord provides for the membership of capsuleer individuals and organizations in the IRF on an equal basis with members and organizations originating in non-capsuleer populations.

The Volunteer[edit]

As a consequence of the accord on capsuleer membership, the Yulai Congress also agrees to establish a capsulees corporation for the purpose of organization, communications and propaganda among the capsuleer class. A new publication, The Volunteer was setup following the Congress and published its first issue on YC112.01.02.

The Volunteer Issue 1[edit]

The Volunteer Issue 1 – General GalNet and Offline Format

The Volunteer Issue 1, pg1 – Ship's NeoCom Format
The Volunteer Issue 2, pg1 – Ship's NeoCom Format
The Volunteer Issue 3, pg1 – Ship's NeoCom Format
The Volunteer Issue 4, pg1 – Ship's NeoCom Format