Intrepid Crossing (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Intrepid Crossing
Ticker IRC
Type 0.0
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO oldma
Diplomat(s) KeLLaX
Numenor Balmenor
Neterti Axexut
Public Channel
Executor AWE Corporation
Members AWE Corporation
Progenitor Corporation

IRC is a 0.0 alliance currently in transit to a new 0.0 home. IRC is a combined industrial and PvP alliance, with a strict policy that "PvPers" participate in mining operations, and that "carebears" participate in both defensive and offensive combat operations.


IRC Was formed by AWE Corporation and Dragon's Rage after ASCN was defeated by BoB in the Pendulum War

As of March 2009, they have splintered from the Red Swarm Federation to effectively form their own independent coalition with close ally Ethereal Dawn. Members call themselves the Ethereal Crossing (ED/IRC).

The Fight Against BoB, The Fall of Feythabolis, and Disasters in Omist[edit]

With the fall of ASCN in the BoB war at the end of December, 2006, AWE and Dragon's Rage, chose to remain in their home in the Y-ZEKE-Q constellation in the Feythabolis region. To secure sovereignty over the area, AWE became the executor corporation of the newly formed IRC. IRC was forced to pay BoB 6 Billion ISK per month to remain in the 2 Outposts they built. Since this naturally did not sit well with IRC, when the Coalition forces appeared ready to begin the fight to take back Feythabolis, IRC joined the fight against BoB and held off overwhelming BoB, RISE, and allied forces for 4 months. In the end, however, the BoB forces were simply too much, particularly since this was before the Titan and Mothership nerfs and the patches beefing up POS defenses.

Despite the attacks and constant pressure from BoB and RISE, IRC grew, adding Ation, VnV and Sphinx to its roster of member corporations. However, when BoB finally drove out all of the Coalition forces from Feythabolis and parked a couple of Motherships in their systems, then came in with enough POSes to take over, there was no question about what would happen.

IRC surrendered and had only a few days to move as much as it could out of Feyth. Having been told, friendly forces were in control of Omist and would assist in defense, most of IRC relocated to Omist. Some, however, scattered to other parts of EVE to regroup and rebuild.

Unfortunately, Omist was not safe and IRC were, again, under constant attack by BoB forces, unable to mine, rat or build. Their allies were elsewhere and there was little to do but try to escape with as much as they could to friendlier space. The options were Empire or the Drone Region. Although some went to Empire to rebuild, IRC officially moved to the Drone Region and bought an area from Goonswarm to call its own.

The Drone Region, Awesome Determination and Phenomenal Growth[edit]

Despite the loss of 5 freighters and many billions of ISK of valuable components, minerals, and supplies on the way out of Omist due to a BoB ambush, IRC made it, finally, to SLYP-5, our new home in the Drone Region.

After the constant attacks by BoB, the loss of 2 Outposts, and being driven out of 2 homes by overwhelming forces, most alliances would have crumbled. Instead, with an incredible - or some could say, Intrepid - determination, IRC members emerged even more dedicated and committed than ever. In less than a year, IRC:

  • Moved to their new home in the Drone Region
  • Bought their space from Goonswarm
  • Built a Refinery Outpost June 6, 2007
  • Built a Factory Outpost
  • Added an additional Factory Outpost
  • Built Several additional Aeon Motherships (the exact number is a state secret)
  • Built up our carrier and dread fleets
  • Gained the respect of friends and enemies as a powerful PvP force
  • Expanded their area of control
  • Set up and continued to maintain an extensive POS network
  • Established several jump bridges
  • Grown to become a significant force in Eve
  • Continue to surprise friends and foes, alike. Especially recently against a Red Alliance assault on their territory a contest that many would have said was heavily in their foes favour at the beginning of the war. Despite being attacked at one time or another by 27 alliance, IRC lasted for months before finally being evicted.