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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Overall Info[edit]

Frequency crystals are the amarr charges needed to power and use lasers. They don't have the other charges' drawback of being single use, however compared to missiles, projectile ammo or hybrid ammo, lack versatility. They have no problems at going through shields, but will prove less effective than other charges when coming to armor, being armor naturally resistant to EM damage.

Frequency crystals modulate beams in different areas of the spectrum to boost range at the cost of decreased damage or boost damage at the cost of decreased range.


Once T2 and faction frequency crystals have been loaded into a weapon, they can no longer be repackaged. Crystals are damaged when they are loaded into weapons, regardless of whether you fire with them or not. This does not mean that they will wear out from continuously reloading crystals, but the first time you load frequency crystals into a weapon, it will not be possible to repackage them again. Best regards, GM Banana EVE Online Customer Support Team

-Captain Oscar