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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Overall Info[edit]

Any system that uses a purpolsion system to deliver a specified warhead is known as a Guided Munition or Missile.

Missiles come in various sizes, functions, and delivery methoods making them one of the most flexible ammo choices amongst many other possibel choices out there.

The ability to decide on which damage to use by the launcher is however the most advantageous so far. The other would be lobbing out situational missiles that can self target without ship assistance when targeting solutions for the ship is not available. They can even shoot down other missiles.

Guided Missiles[edit]

Guided missiles, or "smart" missiles, are missile systems which have advanced payload computers capable of programming an explosion profile into the warhead to maximise thier damage into thier targets. This was an adaption made to original longer range missile design as room on the missile body was mostly consumed by fuel space and leaving little for the warhead. Even further the warhead's computer takes up additional room further reducing overall damage despite how precise it is.

Guided missiles have another disadvatange and that is that every missile fired must be pre-programmed before launch causing a major delay in refire rate.

Types of Guided Missiles[edit]

Light Missiles Heavy Missiels Cruise Missiles Citadel Cruise Missiles

Unguided Missiles[edit]

Unguided missiles, or "dumb" missiles, are not like their name sake entirely. Unlike our guided missiles these missiles where designed for short range missions. Thus the missile designed was alloted for much larger warheads instead of fuel storage. Despite the name newer technologies allow these missiles to track targets still however they no longer calculate the explosion profile thus it splashes the target in a large, envloping explosion. Althouth this cuts down on the damage that could potentially cause its made up for the massive warhead.

Unguided missiles have a distinct advantage of not requiring to be programmed before luanch thus can be tossed out the tube as fast as the loaders can prime the tubes.

Types of Unguided Missiles[edit]

Rockets Heavy Assault Missiles Torpedos Citadel Torpedos.