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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



Commonly known as a "bubble", Mobile Warp Disruptors can be anchored at most points in 0.0 space, providing you have the required level of the Anchoring Skill.

How it works:

When onlined, a mobile warpdisruptor creates a spheric inhibition field which prevents every vessel on the inside from initiating warp.

Imagine a gatecamp with a moblie warpdisruptor. Any pilot - friendly or hostile - trying to warp to the bubbled gate will exit warp at the edge of the inhibitionfield (bubble) IF the warpdisruptor was online BEFORE he initiated warp. If the bubble went online after he initiated warp he will warp right through the bubble and land on the gate as if nothing happened.

The curious phenomenon that you'll always exit warp on the edge of a bubble has led to different applications for the mobile warpdisruptor. The most common being the "drag"bubble. The dragbubble is usually used to intercept pilots from heavy traffic routes within a system i.e. from one gate to another or from an outpost to a gate. The goal is to deny the target easy escape through the gate he warps to. That is achieved by placing a mobile warpdisruptor x km behind the gate.

The setup will look somewhat like this: The mobile warpdisruptor, the near gate and the other gate in the system (where the prey will come from) should be on a perfect line. Every pilot warping from the target gate to your gate will exit warp at the edge of the bubble, x kilometers away from the gate he warped to. The same works for every other vector (celestial, bookmark etc.) if the bubble is aligned properly with the gate.

It's up to you how you use this scenario to your advantage...

Moblie warpdisruptors cannot be used to pull someone out of warp between his origin and destination while IN warp. (Bookmarking a spot between two gates and setting up a moblie warpdisrutor WILL NOT pull people out of warp even if they have to warp right through your bubble).

The same holds true for warpdisruptprobes (Interdictor) and the interdictionsphere generators (Heavy Interdictor)

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