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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Electronic Counter Measures, or ECM, prevent an enemy pod pilot from being able to target anything else, or jams them. This lack of targeting means that pilot cannot hurt or help another, taking them out of the picture for the most part. These modules are usually fitted to Electronic Attack Ships or specialized ships like the Blackbird or other Caldari ships.

The only weapons that will work while jammed are Smartbombs, Doomsday Devices, missle launchers loaded with Friend or Foe missles and combat drones that have already been launched at their target.

If you are jammed while mining, the mining lasers will finish their current mining cycle in full but will not automatically start the next one unless the jamming effect is removed and the same asteroids that were being mined are re-targeted before the next mining cycle begins.

A good way to remember which type to use on which faction would be to pay attention to the colors. Amarr are yellow, Caldari are blue, Gallente are green/teal, and Minmatar are red.

NOTE: These are Mid slot items except for the Signal Distortion Amplifiers which are Low slot items.