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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Energy Vampire being used on a battleship
Dev Blog References to NOS mechanics:

"Nosferatu Changes In their current implementation Nosferatus not only neutralize cap of the targeted ship, but also leeches energy for your own ship. For instance a Heavy Nosferatu I gives you 8en/s and the peak recharge rate of a Megathron is about 20en/s with good skills, so a single Heavy Nosferatu I gives you about 40% increase in cap recharge rate. Even if the Nosferatu didn't leech energy it would still be a useful module since it can neutralize a capacitor at no (energy) cost to yourself. The problem, then, is that Nosferatus allows one to both leech energy off a target and at the same time neutralize its capacitor. This makes the Nosferatus too powerful since there is no compromise involved.

To address this issue we have changed the effect on Nosferatus (but not on Energy Neutralizers) in order to make the Nosferatu less powerful as an Energy Neutralizer without affecting its ability to leech energy. Under the new system, the amount transferred by a Nosferatu is based on the relative capacitor charge levels (measured in percent). Energy is only transferred while the charge percentage of the targeted ship is higher than the charge percentage of the ship that activated the Nosferatu. This means that the target is no worse off (energy wise) than the attacking ship.

For instance, if a battleship with 30% capacitor left activates a Nosferatu on a frigate, then the frigate is not drained below 30%. In other words, the Nosferatu would not drain the capacitor of the frigate completely, though an Energy Neutralizer would do the job nicely (but at an energy cost to the battleship). It is, however, still possible to use Nosferatus to drain a target if one is willing to sacrifice ones own energy to do so. " -Reported by CCP Fendahl | 2007.07.30 14:07:57

NPC Impact: [NOTE: It is assumed by the author that these SISI Changes made it into Tranquility]

"Nosferatu Adjustments The Nosferatu mechanic has finally been fixed on Sisi and can now be tested properly. Nosferatus affect NPCs just like ordinary ships, so it is possible to leech energy from them. However they no longer affect the NPC's chance to repair as they used to, which means that Neutralizers must be used instead if the goal is make the NPCs tank less.

The power needed by Energy Neutralizers has been lowered to be in line with Nosferatus in order to not nerf ships that specialize in draining (rather than leeching) energy. Additionally the Blood Raider ships (Bhaalgorn, Ashimmu and Cruor) have had their bonuses to Nosferatus extended to Energy Neutralizers similar to the Amarr recons. The Curse still performs quite well in small gangs, but the Pilgrim does not, so power output has been increased: " -Reported by CCP Fendahl | 2007.08.20 11:30:10

--Calzan 04:26, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

NOTE: These are High slot items.