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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Warp Core Stabilizers (WCS) help ships escape warp scramblers and disruptors by increasing the "strength" of the warp core. Ships normally have a strength of 0 (except for Deep Space Transports, which have a +2 bonus).

The actual database bonus is a bit odd (it shows a -1 bonus) but here's basically how it works: So long as your strength is 0 or higher, your ship can warp away. WCS give a positive bonus to your number. Scramblers and disruptors give a penalty to said number, in an attempt to get it below 0 and thus prevent you from warping away.

The main downside to WCS systems is that they have two rather nasty penalties: They both kill your lock-on time by penalizing your resolution, and kill your maximum lock-on range as well.

Tech level effects[edit]

The meta level and tech level of each WCS will reduce the effects of the scan resolution and targeting range impact as shown above. They will not provide more 'points' per module. T2 will produce the smallest impact, with successive meta levels providing less impact as you increase the level.

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