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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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Ship Type Overview[edit]

Assault ships are small strike craft with a tenacity for swift combat. Measuring at 80 meters. Even without a pod pilot crews are relatively small as 10 people, as so much of the frigate's room is dedicated to defensive and offensive powers. Assault ships however fulfill only one goal and one purpose in their lives, to destroy as much as possible in their potentially short life spans they may face on the battlefield.

An Assault ship is by no means light in comparison to its frigate cousin. Combined with advanced targeting and weapon systems taxes the pilots learning capacity and wallets to master this class. Outfitting such ships is no frugal endeavor either. Military states invest these ships for hit and run operations and anti frigate to anti cruiser screening for their fleets. Pirates and criminals however greatly enjoy this class of ship as it has many advantages of quick and dirty strikes and giving itself the option to disengage from combat when things are not in their favor.

Despite their small size most of its space is allotted to its advanced systems. Though able, fitting these vicious craft with non combat roles seems rather senseless and waste of a good hull as its offensive power is too great to be ignored. Swarms of these ships can prove quite deadly to any class up to battleship especially if purposed with the goal of hampering larger ships or preventing the escape of thier prey. As assault ships can possibly survive defenses of the ensnared target long enough for the rest of the pack to finish it off.

Assault ships are most vulnerable to overwhelming number of hostiles including other assault ships. Though their signatures are smaller their slower speed makes the susceptible to larger craft attacks'. Assault ships also respect the firepower a destroyer can bring to bear down. Firepower of a destroyer can be sufficient enough to destroy an assault ship if under the condition the assault ship couldn't destroy it first.

Assault ships have a heavier cousin the Heavy Assault Ship, and the simple minded parent of a Frigate.

Types of Assault Ships[edit]



  • Harpy: Hybrid Weaponry Specialization
  • Hawk: Missile Launcher Specialization


  • Enyo: Hybrid Weaponry Specialization
  • Ishkur: Drone Specialization


  • Jaguar: Projectile Weaponry Specialization
  • Wolf: Projectile Weaponry Specialization

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