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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The command ship is a fearsome addition to any fleet. The Tech 2 hull is based on its first tier Tech 1 battlecruiser counterpart. While intended as a fleet support/booster, it can be seen roaming solo, stalking the space lanes.

As with battlecruisers, Command ships can use gang assist modules to increase the abilities of any fleet they are part of. They can also do a high amount of damage and its tank is better than many ships out there. It is not difficult to fit a fleet command ship for a tank with an effective hitpoint buffer of over 200,000.

Command ships come in two variations; Field and Fleet. Field ships are more focused on solo abilities, higher damage output and slightly less tank. Fleet ships are dedicated booster ships, having the ability to fit up to three warfare links aswell as giving bonus to these links depending on the race of the command ship. The Fleet command ships ability to boost its gang is only surpassed by titans.

Race Hull Field Ship Fleet Ship Bonus
Amarr Prophecy Absolution Damnation Armored/Information Warfare
Caldari Ferox Nighthawk Vulture Siege/Information Warfare
Gallente Brutix Astarte Eos Armored/Skirmish Warfare
Minmatar Cyclone Sleipnir Claymore Skirmish/Siege Warfare

The command ships purpose is to not necessarily command the fleet, but to boost its gangmates. This ability makes it a highly valuable target to hit during fleet engagement. Couple those two together and a command ship is often called as primary during engagements.