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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Despite the similarities in name the Heavy Interdictors have very little in common with Interdictors. While the interdictor is a small and rather feeble ship that drops a warp-preventing 'bubble' on its enemies and then tries to make good its escape the Heavy version has one of the strongest tanks in the game. It generates the bubble around its own hull instead, effectively warp scrambling itself.

While the Heavy Interdictor's 'bubble generator' is active the ship cannot receive any remote repairs, nor can it use a Microwarp Drive or an Afterburner leaving it entirely up to the heavy 'dictor itself to tank all incoming damage. Because not even the heavy dictor's massive tank can withstand the firepower of a large fleet they are not very popular in large fleet fights but are rather used in smaller roaming gangs.

The heavy interdictor's secondary role is what truly makes it popular. By loading a script into the bubble generator it can be turned into something similar to a normal warp scrambler to be used on a single, locked target only but with a 28km range and an infinite amount of Warp scramble strength. This allows for the Heavy Interdictor to warp scramble supercapitals (which are invulnerable to normal electronic warfare). Being one of the only ships that can do so makes them invaluable for any fleet trying to kill one of those.

The bubble generator's bubble effect can only be used in 0.0 but with the script loaded it can also be used in low-sec.