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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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Logistics are cruiser sized hulls geared towards remote repair. Their bonuses allow them to fit several large remote repair modules and repair targets up to 71.4 km away.

The four hulls can be roughly divided into two groups. While the Basilisk and the Guardian receive an additional Bonus for fitting and operating Energy Transfer Arrays, allowing them to project Capacitor to ranges up to 82.9km, the Scimitar and the Oneiros receive a Bonus to Tracking Link efficiency. Guardians and Basilisks are commonly used in slow moving fleets of Battleships due to their comparatively low speed. They commonly operate in groups of two or three, using their Energy Transfer Arrays on each other to generate Capacitor out of thin air. Due to their bonuses, a fully skilled pilot can generate 351 cap each cycle (5 seconds) while only using 68 cap. Well skilled pilots can run five large Remote Repair Modules and one large Energy Transfer Array permanently.

Scimitars and Oneiros' rarely utilize their Tracking Link bonus outside of PvE. Due to their slot layout and bonuses they can both reach high speeds and use a buffer shield tank, which makes them very popular in fast moving gangs of Cruisers, HACs and Battlecruisers. They are less common in Battleship fleets, however they excel at keeping support alive due to their high speed allowing them to keep up with faster ships.

Due to their roles, Guardians and Basilisks commonly use Afterburners to keep their Signature as low as possible. Scimitars and Oneiros' sometimes use Afterburners, but are usually flown with Microwarpdrives.

Shield Logistics[edit]

Armor Logistics[edit]

Logistics in Empire[edit]

Neutral alts in Oneiros' and Scimitars are a common tactic in Empire Wars. Since they do not "belong" to any warring party they can move freely and only assist their party if necessary. As remote repair does not count as aggression, they can instantly dock or jump through a gate if attacked.


  • Low Signature
  • T2 Resistances
  • Strong Force Multiplier
  • Remote Repair does not cause aggression
  • High sustained tank. Paired Guardians can tank up to 2000 dps
  • Hard to hit with Battleship sized guns and even Medium Drones


  • ECM, especially Basilisks and Guardians that depend on Cap Transfers
  • Energy Neutralizers
  • Huge Damage spikes. Logistics rarely have more than 30k-40k effective hp
  • Cruiser sized guns can hit logistics
  • Webifiers

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