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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Template:DBstub Transport ships are the tech 2 versions of Industrial Ships. There are two variants, each specializing in one aspect of cargo hauling. While they all do come with a tanking bonus, the general consensus is that it is generally a wasted bonus, since the requirements to fit it as cargo transport tends to be at odds with tanking.

There are two variants, one able to hold more cargo, and one able to move and align faster, allowing for quick escapes.

Blockade Runners[edit]

The Blockade Runner is the lighter and faster of the two, having fast align times, the ability to fit a covert ops cloak, and warp as fast as an interceptor (9 Au/sec). They excel at moving fast, but as a result they pay for it with poor cargo capacity, less than their T1 compatriot. Additionally, they can also use the covert jump bridge used by Black Ops battleships, giving them additional options for getting around and supporting attacks.

"Blockade Runners"

Capacity Comparison of T1 Industrial Ships

All units of capacity are in m3. The highest capacity for each skill level is in bold.

Blockade Runners Capacity
Amarr's Prorator 10922
Caldari's Crane 9406
Gallente's Viator 10279
Minmatar's Prowler 8734

Deep Space Transports[edit]

The Deep Space Transport (DST) is on the opposite end of the spectrum, sacrificing speed and stealth for sheer cargo capacity. These ships are one step below a Freighter or an Orca in raw cargo capacity, and a wealth of low slots allow them to fit more cargohold expanders to boost their cargo capacity even more. All DSTs also have a +2 bonus to warp strength, meaning that at least 3 points of warp disruption are needed in order to pin it down. Additionally, their large collection of low slots combined with poor combat potential means that they are one of the few ships that can truly benefit from several Warp Core Stabilizers.

"Deep Space Transports"

Capacity Comparison of T2 Transport Ships[edit]

All units of capacity are in m3

Deep Space Transport Capacity
Amarr's Impel 36219
Caldari's Bustard 30635
Gallente's Occator 35509
Minmatar's Mastodon 29243

* Capacity measured with each ship fully fitted with Expanded Cargohold II and Medium Cargohold Optimization I modules.