Jet-Set Hooligans

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Jet-set Hooligans
Escalates From Serpentis Watch
Security Highsec, Lowsec
Regions Everyshore, Sinq Laison, Verge Vendor
Max Stages 4
Pirate type Serpentis Corporation

General Info

Jet-set Hooligans is an escalation from Serpentis Watch.


NPC's, Spawn and Trigger Information[edit]

First Location[edit]

First Pocket
4 x (Frigate)
4 x (Battlecruiser)
1 x (Commander Frigate) (Excalation Trigger)

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Second Pocket
4 x (Frigate) Serpentis Madcat

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Second Location[edit]

Again, Guardian Angels will be defending the gate including a Shadow Serpentis. Once inside, three of the Madcats will warp off but one stays behind due a broken warp drive. The Madcat has a very heavy shield and armor tank and very high resists. You do not need to stick around after you get the next escalation, but if you do you will get several Guardian Angel spawns.



Third Location[edit]

More Guardian Angels on the gate with a Shadow Serpentis. Inside, the Madcats will warp off again but not before calling for help from Guardian Angels. Some of these ships trigger additional spawns. No need to hang around after gaining the escalation unless you plan on engaging the large battle group spawn that was listed in part 2 warning.

Fourth Location (Low-sec)[edit]

Inside you will find the remaining 3 Madcats sitting on their Madcat's Stash, which will be locked until all Madcats are destroyed. There is a group of Guardian Angels approx 30k away. Time is of the essence here, as the aforementioned large battle group spawn will turn up once again after an unknown amount of time.

The Madcats appear to spider-tank, as the first is the hardest to kill. He can repair all of his shield or armor instantly, though he will eventually tire if you have enough constant DPS on him. They also deal a decent amount of damage. Fleet up with others and have logistic support to easily complete this expedition.

Madcat's Stash can drop 3x frigate-sized A-Types. It's a good idea to have someone sitting on this can ready to loot the moment the Madcat's are destroyed so you can warp out before the large spawn arrives.

Completed with an Astarte and Hurricane plus a nano-fitted Vigil to scout lo-sec and loot the stash.


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