Jippon Frain

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Jippon Frain[edit]

A COSMOS Agent resident at The Hyperbole Nexus in Barkrik of the Ani constellation.

Missions on offer from this agent.

Cyberganker – Secret Codes Part 1 of 3[edit]

Template:Quote Mission Type - Trade 1 unit of Gist Database Codes 1m3 Reward 1 million, Bonus 500,000 (4 hours)



Cyberganker – Critical Report Part 2 of 3[edit]

Template:Quote Mission Type - Courier: 1 unit of Reports (specific iten) 0.1m3

Jumps: 11

Reward: 1 Unit of Large Degenerative Concussion Bomb BPC 3Run ME20 PE8, Bonus 1,000 Units of Republic Fleet Titanium Sabot L ammunition (3 hours)

  • Low-Sec Warning

Cyberganker – Kael Nutan Part 3 of 3[edit]

Template:Quote Mission Type - Encounter

Reward 10 Units of Modified Laser Rifles, Bonus 1 Unit of ‘Full-Duplex’ Ballistic Targeting System BPC 3Run ME20 PE8 (3 hours) [6.44% increase Gallente / 8.05% Minmatar]