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Name KenZoku
Ticker RKZ
Type 0.0
Founded 2008.12.08
Status Disbanded
Contact details
Alliance CEO SirMolle
Public Channel
Website BoB Killboard
Executor Relentless Industries
Members Evolution

Black Nova Corp
Black Eclipse Corp
Destructive Influence
Relentless Construction
Relentless Industries
Tin Foil
freelancers inc
SevLite Enterprises Inc.
10 Second Tom
C-R Logistics
Oh Canada
Teranous Productions
Morrow Prime Industries
Umbrage Inc.

KenZoku alliance was a BoB controlled alliance, used as a lifeboat because their main alliance was closed in February 5th, 2009 when a rogue director ejected all the corporations from the alliance.

Moving all corporations to KenZoku enabled BoB corporations to briefly regain sovereignty of their outpost systems. However, the forces of the coalition against BoB, including Goonswarm, the Northern Coalition, and Pandemic Legion, were able to remove KenZoku sovereignty from the outposts during the first 28 days of the second Delve war. With sovereignty reset to level one, KenZoku were unable to use cynojammers, meaning the Coalition could deploy their respective capital ship fleets. The Coalition against BoB also successfully took advantage of the docking of almost the entire BoB capital fleet in PR-'s one station and successfully blocked it from participating in the campaign for control in Delve. This was maintained continuously and unbroken over an entire month, the longest blockade in EVE history, only endng once the majority of KenZoku's POSs (and thus territory claims) had been replaced with Goonswarm's.

After months of Coalition control of Delve and the loss of the last remaining KenZoku systems, on June 16th, 2009 KenZoku announced their retreat, abandoning whatever assets remained in Querious. [#2]. Starting the week following KenZoku's retreat and continuing for a month afterward, KenZoku's member corporations left the alliance, the stated reason being that the grinding nature of the successive wars defending and eventually losing Delve had depleted their capsuleers' resolve. KenZoku's constituent corporations agreed among themselves to part ways, enjoy New Eden from different perspectives and then reconvene at some point over where to go in the future. On August 18th, 2009, the former KenZoku corporations founded IT Alliance.

Renaming Controversy[edit]

After BoB's dissolution, its leadership petitioned to regain their former BoB name. On March 24th 2009 GM Grimmi announced that this petition would be granted, by renaming Kenzoku to "Band of Brothers Reloaded" [#1]. After public outcry, this decision was reversed the following day [#3].


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