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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



Zealots are a religious group of Khanids, Ni-Kunni, Amarr and other bloodlines; but through history many Khanids showed a strong association with zealot cults, therefore a lot of Khanid Zealots could be found in theocratic-, and reclaiming-cults.



The Zealots can be classify in two main groups: Orthodoxes and Reclaimers. The first main group are the Zeolots with theological goals, they are most of the time allied with the Orthodoxes and other religious movements inside the greater amarr bloc. The second main group — the Reclaimers — can be again divided in to the different factions, like Empire, Mandate or Kingdom. This classification is also a little misleading, because the Empire and Mandate reclaimers are more allied with traditional reclaimers and therefore actually more one group with one goal — reclaiming — and one champion — the Sarum Family. Thats why some people just count two different groups of Reclaiming Zealots, the Empire/Mandate ones and the Kingdom — also known as Kingdom Zealots — ones.

Khanid Zealots or Kingdom Zealots[edit]

Inside the Kingdom are many Zeolots cults — also known as Kingdom Zealots — activ as reclaimers, and since Khanid II is the head of the church inside his domain, their champion is Khanid II. As for the Zeolots groups in the Empire; they are mostly connected with the traditional reclaimers — Sarum Family — and their champions are Jamyl I and Merimeth Sarum.

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