Kill rights should be transferable (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Serenity Steele
Submission Date: 15-06-2008
Issue ID: 0102-07-0076


Newer players and industrial players do not have the experience or skills to utilize kill-rights assigned to them, making the kill-rights system largely redundant for the group for whom it would be most useful.

In combination with the ability to game the original bounty system and increase over the last 12 months of clever methods to circumvent the intention of the kill-rights system and concord, an alternative solution is needed, namely the ability to transfer kill rights. '1 grid' mods.

Potential Solutions[edit]

The recommendation is to extend the eve-sandbox with transferable kill-rights to be introduced as game mechanic to enable players to self-police through providing non-PvP players a means to retaliate against acts of aggression and enabling establishing a bounty hunter profession as intended with the original (failed) bounty mechanic.

Not all players are combat specialists. But those who have chosen not to go into combat professions should be able to benefit from a market for specialized PvPers, just as that PvPers benefits from a market for specialized ships and equipment. Transferable killrights legitimizes mercenaries and makes the market for them more efficient.

Features suggested are:

  • Kill rights could sold on a market, traded directly (or via) simple contracts (private or public)
  • People need to be able to see who has killrights on them if they are sold, perhaps through the section in the char sheet.
  • The person being hunted should be legally allowed to shoot the hunter on sight
  • Illicit bounty hunting already occurs
  • A new icon for the overview, pilots for which kill rights are available (just a detail)
  • Context menu option for such pilots: Show kill rights
  • Once kill rights are acquired, the hunted gets kill rights on the hunter immediately, the hunter gets kill rights after a delay of a minute or so (avoiding nasty backstabbing traps).
  • No notification for the hunted, but it appears in his kill rights list. The kill right for the hunted expires as soon as the hunter loses the kill right, so acquired kill rights are always mutual.
  • No insurance payouts for pilots with negative sec standings / bounties.
  • Implement with information token based system to further extend the EVE Standbox.

  • Pros
    • Player self-regulated through Kill-rights Market
    • Supports original intent of kill-rights to enable retaliation
    • Adds to profession for Bounty hunters
    • Doesn’t require war-dec mechanic
    • Removes ability to be hostile and hide in NPC corporations (that can’t be war-dec’d)
    • Expands eve-sandbox to enable system to sell other services and/or information via tokens
  • Cons
    • Potential to be gamed
      • by people collecting kill-rights on other players with an alt and transferring to main for revenge (Small)
    • Less war-declarations sucking up ISK sinks
    • Reduced reliance on mercenary corporations and more on individual bounty hunters (unless kill-rights can be transferred to entire corporation)

Areas Affected[edit]

  • Bounties
    • Bounty system easily gamed by claiming any bounty on yourself by an alt or friend.
  • Suicide Ganking
    • One-off CONCORD action doesn’t provide sufficient deterrent for
  • Concord
    • Are consistently “upgraded” in their capability as players discover ways to work around the intent of concord
  • System Security
    • Is not currently upheld as originally intended by raising NPC law-enforcement threat level. Secure systems are more dangerous to navigate that non-secure.
  • Warfare
    • Players resort to hiring mercenaries to deal with issues they can’t solve with kill-rights, however it’s not possible to war-dec NPC corps, so there is a gap here.
  • Can Flipping/Ore theft
    • Can flipping is essentially gaming the ore-theft mechanic against the original intent, and kill-rights do not help balancing if the victim is incapable of retaliation.

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