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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Krusual tribe is sly and cunning, shrouding its ways in lies and secrecy. It is isolationist by nature, but lately it's been becoming more and more involved with the power politics of the Republic, staking a claim for its mastery.


The Krusual tribe initially inhabited the mountainous region of the upper Tronhadar-valley on Matar. The other tribes regarded the Krusuals as the most barbaric of them all, but that stemmed more from a lack of knowledge about the intricate culture of the secluded Krusuals rather than being an actual fact. The Amarrians had real difficulties subduing the Krusuals during their conquest of the Minmatars and the unruly Krusuals in their mountain bases were always a thorn in the Amarr side.

State of the Tribe, 110.06.11[edit]

Ever the crafty ones, most Krusual view recent events as an opportunity as well as a cause for celebration. With the help of the Elders the Republic is now in a position to wield some real power, and the Krusual want to be a part of that. Many of them see through the tribal leaders’ rhetoric and understand the situation for what it is, and while they realize that the Republic is by no means invulnerable they also appreciate that now is the time for action. They want to see the Republic integrate the other three tribes where practical, and to use that added strength to expand their influence and territory while they have the chance.

Racial Traits[edit]

The Krusuals are tall, with brown skin. They keep their heads shaved at the sides, with only a narrow hairline running from their forehead to the back of their heads.

The Krusual tribe uses flowing, often geometric tattoo motifs, seldom cluttered, always orderly and pleasing the eye.

The Krusual in EVE Online[edit]

Despite their relative prominence and importance to the actual story of EVE, and despite the fact that they (logically) make up a significant portion of the population of the Minmatar Republic, currently the Krusual are not a playable bloodline in EVE Online. There was speculation for a time that the Krusual would be added in the 2006 "Bloodlines" patch, but that honor went to the Vherokior instead.

During early Q&As with CCP during EVE's initial development, it was revealed that there were four playble bloodlines per nation planned at launch. It's assumed that the Krusual were planned for inclusion into the game at some point, but the stresses of EVE's development at that time led to them being "back-burnered" (ala the Mannar). With the de-emphasis of the importance of bloodline to actual play, it's unclear whether playable Krusuals will ever be added to the game.