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Name Lai Dai Infinity Systems
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Lai Dai Infinity Systems [LDIS] is a capsuleer partner of the Lai Dai Corporation. The corporation manufactures TechTwoTM components in support of TechTwoTM manufacturers. The pilots of Lai Dai Infinity Systems has worked in conjunction with the Lai Dai Corporation and its subsidiaries to further the Lai Dai Corporation's goals within the State, chiefly Black Rise for well over two years. Most recently, LDIS has moved its primary operations to support development of The Fourth District's space and the local market.

Caldari Corporate Registry listed corporation.


Lai Dai Infinity Systems [LDIS] is a capsuleer partner company to theLai Dai Corporation, its subsidiaries, and allies. Infinity Systems provides the Lai Dai megacorporation with capsuleer support and LDIS's employees manufacture spaceships and spaceship equipment for the capsuleer market.

Supporting Lai Dai[edit]

LDIS provides the Lai Dai megacorporation with contract support via mission agents. These agents act as liaisons between LDIS and the Lai Dai Corporation, Lai Dai Protection Service, Top Down, Carthum Conglomerate, and Khanid Innovation and give LDIS employees a wide range of options when it comes to mission work.

LDIS collects a small fee (5%) in order to support offices in mission stations. The corporation benefits from the development of a working relationship with the partner corporations and thus better access to top of the line equipment and lower cost access to facilities. As the standings of LDIS's employees increase with other Lai Dai corporations; the benefits for operating out of and alongside the them increases. A wide range of cost are reduced as individual employees standings increase:

All these reduce the cost of producing components, modules, and ship.

Beyond the above mutually beneficial relationship; LDIS looks to support Lai Dai on a wider scale. This has previously lead LDIS to subject itself to the CONCORD Militia Act to defend Lai Dai interest in Black Rise and take the public position that the liberation of Caldari Prime was warranted, Tibus Heth's reforms are being implemented, and despite what the interstellar press may say; Tibus Heth is not supreme dictator of the Caldari State.

From 112.03 to 113.12, LDIS operated primarily in northern Lonetrek and Black Rise, supporting Lai Dai's development of the area. Starting 114.01, LDIS opened an office in Providence, I-MGAB in support of The Fourth District.

Capsuleer Industry[edit]

Prior to 113.10, Infinity Systems has manufactured ships, modules, and rigs for sale. This required multi-disciplined teams for each series of products. The acquisition of minerals, advanced materials, and prefabricated components was handled by each team, with the corporation providing an overall structure to work within. The teams sell the products, on behalf of the corporation in a variety of locations. Profits were used to increase the teams' assets, the corporation's reserves, and payment of the corporation's most valuable asset, its employees. Infinity Systems competed via the SCC market in Black Rise and Lonetrek, selling advanced (TechTwoTM) ships and modules at competitive prices.

In 113.10, LDIS began transitioning away from the corporation owning the whole manufacturing process. The corporation instead focuses on the production of TechTwoTM components (via vertical integration) and providing access to unique and shared facilities, equipment, and data for use in individual member projects. The corporation also works to coordinate individual projects to minimize overlap and encourage market synergy.

Employment Opportunities[edit]

Lai Dai Infinity Systems needs capsuleers from a multitude of backgrounds to achieve its goals. Even the most junior of capsuleer can contribute to the corporation's efforts. While capsuleers can become experts in any single field, Infinity Systems expects its employees to take the time to broaden their capabilities.

Lai Dai Infinity Systems has always had a focus on utilizing frontier resources. Capsuleers interested in working for Lai Dai Infinity Systems should be ready to accept some risk in their regular activities and in corporate activities.

Employee Positions[edit]

Employees (Entry Level)[edit]

Everyone at LDIS is an employee of the corporation, from the newest mining technician or security sergeant to the Chief Executive Officer. Every employee is give access to copy and manufacture from the Blueprint Original Library. Corporate Officers will help provide employees with direction to support corporate goals.

LDIS provides support to members pursue the following activities:

  • Planetary Commodity Production
  • TechTwoTM Research, Manufacturing, and Sales

As LDIS grows and gains allies, there will be opportunities to participate in:

  • Asteroid Mining Operations
  • Missions
  • Areas of Interest Security Patrols
  • TechTwoTM component manufacturing

Managers (Middle)[edit]

As individual capsuleers show initiative, intellect, and drive, they may be chosen to manage some aspects of the corporation's operations. These individuals help guide the corporation's day-to-day operations and mentor those with less experience. Managers take on one of the following positions:

  • Operations Managers - organizes exploratory or mining operations
  • Squadron Leaders (Fleet Commanders) - organizes LDIS security squadrons
  • Market Managers - evaluates local market for opportunities & deconflicts member projects


LDIS has Chief Executive Officer and other corporate officers, who answer to the corporation's board of directors. This group leads the corporation at a strategic level choosing what course it will take. These individuals either are chosen by the shareholders through the Board of the Directors or are substantial shareholders themselves.

Corporate Officers may also act as Managers.

Employment Requirements[edit]

While LDIS is looking for interested capsuleers, it does have entry requirements. All capsuleers seeking employement with Infinity Systems must have a :

  1. At least 1 month as a capsuleer
  2. Security Status of 0.0 or greater
  3. Standing of Previous Employeer with LDIS: > -0.01
  4. Caldari State Standing: > -1.00
  5. Lai Dai Corporation (to include Lai Dai Protection Services & Top Down) Standing: >-1.00


The Lai Dai Corporation encouraged the formation of Lai Dai Infinity Systems to employ capsuleer support beyond the freelance work offered by its and its subsidiaries' agents. The Lai Dai Corporation's hope is that LDIS will grow and support the larger corporation's goals not only in the State but throughout New Eden.

Imurukka Initial Operations[edit]

The corporation's first base of operations was located in Isaziwa's Lai Dai Corporation Factory and CEP Bureau Station. From this base of operation the first corporate employees had access to several Lai Dai Corporation agents and a wide range of asteroid belts to include Kernite rich low security systems of Horkkisen and Erila. The corporation's early funding came from capsuleers with pre-capsuleer time either in the Lai Dai Corporation or whose family had served Lai Dai for multiple generations. With modest initial funds, the starting Infinity Systems team focused on production of Robotic Assistance Modules (R.A.M.s) for sale via the Secure Commerce Commission (SCC) market system. The reason for selecting R.A.M. units initially was three fold:

  1. Required no exotic minerals or materials
  2. Component of more complex and advanced systems
  3. Provided a sizable profit margin on the open market

The lack of exotic minerals required made it possible for the corporation to acquire all the raw materials through mining in Isaziwa, Eitu, Horkkisen, and Erila. At the same time the operational security requirements for operating in low security space became apparent as LDIS mining operations came under threat from other capsuleers. Lai Dai Infinity Systems continued to operate in the Imurukka constellation for nearly six months expanding its product line on the SCC market focusing on those products much like the R.A.M.s in terms of requirements and profitability, while looking ahead to possible future projects involving advanced systems.

Black Rise Campaign[edit]

At the outbreak of hostilities following the liberation of Caldari Prime, Lai Dai Infinity Systems began defensive operations of northern Black Rise, focusing on the Urpiken and Inolari constellation. With the corporation focused on defending Black Rise, several combat personnel were added to its roster, but the corporation's operations were unfocused. Several pilots engaged in the meatgrinder of Tama to Old Man Star gaining experience in large scale combat. Occasional joint expeditions into Placid also occurred.

During this time period, a relationship was built with Eclipse Inc., leading to a merger between the corporation's for two months. While the two corporations were merged, a shareholder vote determined it best for the corporation to end its combat operations in Black Rise to focus on industrial activities. The merger ended due to personality conflicts between executive personnel. The two corporations maintain communications, but largely operate in different parts of the cluster today.

State Industrial Complex (111 to mid-112)[edit]

Following the end of combat operations, LDIS pursued increased resource acquisition and product development. After the demerger, Dex Nederland ran for CEO and took over from Flos Keisari. Since the change over of CEOs, the corporation has developed its NeoCom portal and brought to market two product lines. The success of the product line model was crucial to the corporation's future success as it continues to build a name for itselt.

In the first quarter of YC 111, LDIS completed a contract with YtiRi-Retail for twelve Harpies, demonstrating the corporation's capability to produce advanced ships. The lessons learned in the contract prepared the corporation for the development and sustainment of an advanced product line. At the end of the first quarter of YC 111, LDIS only had two product lines on the market and was streamlining their processes. At the same time, the corporation was laying the ground work for two more product lines.

Towards the end of the third quarter of YC 111, LDIS shifted its sales office to Uuhulanen X and began to focus on Black Rise economic and industrial development. Throughout YC 111 LDIS focused its efforts on Black Rise development. By the end of YC 111 LDIS began to make a second transition of operations shifting into the sale of TechTwoTM products in Ichoriya with research operations located in low security Black Rise. LDIS also began practicing basic POS operations to supplement its use of Lai Dai facilities in the region.

The first half of YC 112 saw implementation of an IPT concept, focusing each IPT on a particular type of encryption and its products. The IPT concept allowed for more rapid growth, allowing more highly trained employees to focus on end products while junior capsuleers contributed by providing lower level manufacturing capability. At the time, Lai Dai Infinity Systems IPT's maintained TechTwoTM module & frigate sales in Ichoriya and Nonni.

Black Rise Development (mid-112 to 113)[edit]

As an out growth of Lai Dai Infinity Systems's efforts in support of the State's Industrial Complex, in late 112 it began to focus its efforts on development of the Black Rise region. LDIS capsuleers operated multiple production and research projects in the relatively young region and have once again shifted their target market. In 113.06, LDIS's attempted to maintain a primary market presence in support of the State Protectorate base in Enaluri with excess materials being sold via more popular hubs. A focus on Black Rise development required LDIS to move beyond purely industrial efforts and develop its pilots ability to operate in a hostile environment. Throughout 113, LDIS supplied TechTwoTM ships and modules to the region's primary market in Ichoriya. At the same time, LDIS continued to operate a starbase network producing complex moon products for use in its TechTwoTM products.

During the last quarter of 113, LDIS transitioned its structure away from heavy-corporate management of end product manufacturing management to supporting individual product development by its members. LDIS provided its members with access to its blueprint library and was still figuring out how best to organize its efforts as it expands its membership.

At the end of 113, LDIS ceased operations in Black Rise. The lessons learned in Black Rise will enable LDIS to support a Caldari capsuleer venture farther afield.

The Fourth District[edit]

LDIS has always maintained contact with the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve [CAIN], even if at times strained due to internal State politics. When The Fourth District reformed in early 113, LDIS was approached to join the capsuleer alliance. LDIS's corporate officers considered the offer and turned it down to continue operations in Black Rise. By the end of 113, the corporation reached the limit of its capabilities in Black Rise and with the urging of its primary shareholder, LDIS moved operations to The Fourth District's space and began to evaluate how best to develop the resources there.

LDIS intends to guide its members in creating a TechTwoTM market presence in 3KB-J0 and create a market for the materials and components that feed into TechTwoTM manufacturing.

Quarterly Reports[edit]

LDIS's Corporate Value until 112

Since the third quarter of 110 YC, Lai Dai Infinity Systems has published quarterly reports concerning its activities, growth, plans, and assets. Following the fourth quarter 111 YC, LDIS's major shareholders decided to cease publication of a quarterly report for a variety of reasons including a change in value tracking and security. The corporation's value over its publicized quarters is shown in the labeled graphic.

111 YC

110 YC


Infinity Systems follows the Lai Dai Corporation's lead in politics very closely. Following the rise of Tibus Heth, Infinity Systems vocally supported the majority of reforms in acted, the liberation and pacification of Caldari Prime, and the offensive strategy against the Federation by State Protectorate forces. Throughout the period, LDIS supported the Lai Dai backed, Patriot goal of creating a more unified State. LDIS watched from afar as Caldari Prime was retaken by the Gallente Federation and subsequent fall from power of Heth in the first half of YC115

In the past, Infinity Systems, like the Lai Dai Corporation, did not actively pursue a large presence outside of the State. The policy did not exclude the possibility of pursuing a presence in those unclaimed regions immediately neighboring the State. Within the Republic and Empire, Infinity Systems prefers to pursue working relationships with resident corporations. As for the Federation, Infinity Systems is unlikely to pursue working with resident corporations, but may establish a presence in Caldari occupied systems.

In 114.01, LDIS took up residence in The District as a member of The Fourth District. While this departure could be considered a break from previous policy; in the larger Lai Dai strategic vision, LDIS now operates as part of a State-aligned capsuleer alliance pursuing Lai Dai's goals alongside those of the alliance.


In 111.09 LDIS shifted all sales from a packaged contract system to single component sales via the SSC market and shifted its sales office to Uuhulanen X Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant. This shift increased turn-over and LDIS continued to sell the profitable components its product lines.

In 112.01 LDIS again shifted its sales operations, spreading out more and focusing on supplying existing hubs with its competitive products. By the end of 112.04, LDIS was providing a steady stream of products to both Black Rise and northern Lonetrek.

In 113.10 LDIS ceased internal production of TechTwoTM ships and modules, turning over research, manufacturing, and sales to its members. Corporate LDIS will focus its future production efforts on TechTwoTM components as part of its Arekaini-Moon Operations.