Laser crystals (Ammunition)

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A Laser Crystal, also known as Frequency Crystal, is the ammunition type used by all Energy (laser) turret weapons. Crystals, like all other turret ammunition, are available in four sizes, matching the four size categories for turret weapons: small, medium, large, extra large (for capital and starbase weapons).


Laser crystals have some properties not found in other ammunition types:

  • Unlike other ammunition types such as missiles, projectile and hybrid ammunition, Tech I crystals are not consumed by the launching / firing process. One laser crystal may be fired tens of thousands of times before it is eventually consumed. This gives the users of laser weapons a logistical advantage as less ammunition need be carried on combat operations.
  • Reloading or changing crystal types is 90% faster than other weapon systems, taking only 1 second, while all other ammunition types require a 10 second load process. This can aid greatly in more efficient use of the capacitor and damage output by being able to exchange crystals with different modifiers on-the-fly depending on your distance to the intended target.

Crystal Degradation[edit]

While Tech I crystals have an unlimited lifespan, advanced Tech II and faction crystals can be damaged by their volatility, and will eventually be destroyed in the firing process. Because of this, used T2/Faction crystals cannot be repackaged, and therefor cannot be sold on market, but it's possible to sell them through contracts.