Libertas Fidelitas Alliance (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Libertas Fidelitas
Ticker LFA
Type 0.0 NRDS
Founded June 25th 2007
Status Disbanded
Contact details
Alliance CEO lasterax
Public Channel
Website [ ]
Executor Libertas Fidelitas Holdings
Members Twinks Inc.
An Tir
Clearspace Operations
Dissonance Corp
Free Masons United Inc.
House Kaltin
101st Space Marine Force
Setenta Corp
Brotherhood of Heart and Steel
The Pheonix Group
sniper unlimited
StarFleet Enterprises
Smegnet Incorporated
Axis and Alloys

About Libertas Fidelitas Alliance[edit]

Long Name: Libertas Fidelitas Alliance
Short Form: LFA


Dictator: lasterax


LFA was one of the Providence Holders alliances headed by CVA and as such occupied Providence and Lower Domain, specifically the constellation ZQ2-CF during the period CVA reigned over the region. In concept, Holders were player-run alliances loyal to the goals Amarr Empire, with their mission to provide security to the area of Domain that the Amarr Navy and CONCORD cannot, as well as extending the Empire into Providence. Notably, LFA was the Holder Alliance that spearheaded the initial offensive into AAA-owned Catch territory, a move which mobilized AAA along with the rest of the Southern Coalition to overrun the Providence Holders and uproot them from Providence.

After the upheaval from their home space and both external and internal conflicts posed by management under duress, LFA soon ceased to function, the alliance closing on April 20th, 2010.


Traditional Regions Controlled: Providence, southern parts of Amarr Empire
Form of Government: Dictatorship; Alliance Head has Absolute Veto power.
Traditional Allies: CVA, Aegis Militia, Sylph, -7-, Paxton Federation, Cold Steel
Traditional Enemies: Ushra'Khan [UNITY], Red Alliance, TCF, AAA
Piracy: No, strict anti-pirate