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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

In the forums several threads have been started suggesting ideas how the usability of eve could be improved. Lots of little threads get lost in the high traffic, several threads get created for the same idea.

This document aims at becoming the main ressource to

  • organize your little ideas by categories
  • always reference back to the idea's main discussion thread in the forums
  • maintain an up-to-date list of ideas being not yet implemented (completed things get moved to the implemented ideas section in this document)

If you have some idea, please...

  • check this document first, if it is already mentioned
  • search the forums for an existing thread before posting (usually General Discussion, Features and Ideas, Test Server Feedback). that is where your comments, suggestions or support by bumping(!) and/or liking should go
  • otherwise...

Create a new thread

  • in Features and Ideas with a single idea / topic, so discussion can be focussed on that topic
  • based on replies, please incorporate new aspects, concerns, options, variations to your idea into your top post, so new readers can grasp the whole thread and all points made without reading possibly 20 pages.
  • your post should be as unbiased and objective as possible
  • if you want your idea listed here, add it yourself or write a mail to { el alasar | <more maintainers welcome>}


Great thanks to the devs in the 10000 papercuts team for the continueing effort to improve eve usability - and especially making lots of things happen for the crucible expansion in winter 2011!


  • Some ideas do not have a thread associated, yet. If you want to comment, please start a thread and reference back here.
  • Some ideas are referencing a corresponding post from within the official CCP little things questionaire. If you feel there should be further discussion or support on a topic, start a new thread. Quote the original post idea's and also reference back here.
  • If you feel you need to dispute an idea listed in the first Little things and ideas section, then please
    • move it to the following Little more complex ideas section
    • start a discussion thread (if none is yet available) and proove your point why it would change balancing, change game mechanics, is a bad idea...

(Status: updated up to and including CCP little things page 17, I am on it... Feel free to send me a mail and i will add stuff.)

Current forum threads collecting little ideas[edit]

(official CCP) - I want your little things!
ideas shoudl be heard, challenge u CCP, broadcast and follow up

Little things and ideas (grouped by topic, alphabetical)[edit]

Account control + Evegate[edit]

starting a skill on an account where another char is skilling add an option to stop the other char's skill queue remotely.
Switch character without restarting the client / "fast relog"
Contracts in the eveGate
Market access in eveGate (only readonly for the market where your char is currently located?
plex page on our profil really works, and tell us how many days left we have
character sheet, jump clones: add "set destination" to clone context menu

API system[edit]

granularity, remove balance from character sheet
Corp-owned jobs. Evemon devs claim CCP just removed the ability to read corp orders from the API system


allow "view contents" on containers inside a remote ship
new tab "proximity"/"neighborhood" (all stuff within xxx jumps)
ability to refine and reprocess stuff remotely
asset search returns also items in containers


option to classify a system to be the LAST in route
icons of systems en route: add "make waypoint" to context menu. allow the same system as waypoint more than once
"autopilot, waypoints": show region and security status next to system name
make "autopilot" / "route planning" a separate, independant window
support >= 10 waypoints for optimzation, proposed algorithm
ability to distinguish the NEXT waypoint en route among possibly many highlighted jump gates

Bug Reporting[edit]

provide a detailed known bugs list - "known issues" not enough
need more than "filtered" in the status screen.


[change camery distance + angle defaults after jump]
Cockpit camera would be awesome. (NOT asking for first-person-style-movement)


allow set up of buy contracts for faction BPC (like vindicator BPC)
page 2/4 "pick items": add "select all" + "invert selection" + "refresh"
New contract type: production contract (hybrid between courier and item exchange, offer x items with a collateral and a reward. To fulfill the contract you require something else back)
[allow designating players as favors contract recipients for item exchange: select items -> "contract to ... xxx" -> check summary -> done. skip many steps.]
contract expired? create new contract with old values and items as defaults. 2 clicks needed to place a new contract.

Corporation Management[edit]

mass lock / unlock vote button for corporate blueprints
Make the Ingame recruitment Ads much more apparant in game


assign rules to groups
show health of all drones also in drone bay
Mining Drone control (shortcut to mine, option to set repeat)
[show which drones is being attacked, has effects on it, like in overview]
some new rigs and/or implants to fighter and drone damage. Maybe some module to boost fighters speed.
[A drone launch shortcurt. Maybe by handling existing drone groups like module slots and adding the ability to bind key shortcuts that way.]
drag/drop drones directly from the drone control window or the drone bay over a target in the target window or the overview.
group of drones going into space, you will most likely want to see its status, so groups/squads going into space should be expanded by default.

Fitting window[edit]

allow simulation: see how ehp/cap/dps/whatever changes if modules were turned on/off/overloaded (while docked)
allow saved fittings to install ammo in cargo bay, gun groups, and rigs.
Missiles should tell me their range without making me resort to mental arithmetic
allow right-clicking on fittings button to go directly to saved fittings

Fleets and Watch List[edit]

Drag and drop sort on fleet watch list.
reorganize the watchlist without removing everyone in it first.
ability to select targets from watchlist would be nice for logis.
watchlist: have distances to all watched players shown / what system they are in
[fleet window not jumping after member joining/leaving]
Fleet bookmark: Allow leaders to drag & drop bookmarks into the fleet window to issue a "warp to/approach" order to everyone (depending on your broadcast setting).
Fleet align to: Similar to Squad/Wing/Fleet warp: Just align all ships to a specific object or target without actually issuing "warp to".

HUD + Locked Targets[edit]

audio feedback for low cap
better feedback when we're scrammed/webbed/painted/whatever the hell
[grouping of any identical fitted modules (not only guns)]
locked friendly targets be placed in a different area of the screen or have them colour tagged.
available targeting slots were shown on the UI as empty boxes
when target lock is lost, the focus (or what ever you guys call it) does not automatically switch to the next target down the list
Smaller Target pictures
Missle flight range on the Tactical view.
Better hit area to enable overloading, preheat during jump cloak
indicate currently unusable modules by showing them "disabled" (scrammed, no cap, ...)
Change Drone Control Units to passive modules.
A way to change ammo/laser crystals by using a shortcut. Drag&drop works for ammo but not for crystals. Using context menus mid-fight is tricky sometimes.
Display markers on the edge of the screen showing where your current targetted ships are. Like on space flight sims so you can locate your targets more easily.
ability to cancel turning a module OFF while it's still on it's cycle / make it keep running
put the colored tag (blue, corpgreen, fleetpink) on the locked ships.
overheating: better way to initiate by holding hotkey + click icon perhaps?
better, customizable notification for being (Targeted) and (debuffed)

Industry & Science[edit]

batch processing
industry: new type of research to allow building meta 1-4 items (e.g. researching BPC
install multiple industry jobs at the same time (with all same settings, stacked)
stackable BPCs with same stats (ME,PE,remaining runs)
Right clicking on Ore in a rorqual allows you to insert a compression job
Show how many jobs you have currenttly running next to your maximum
by default pick the first available slot. only ask, if an immediate start is not available.
show ME + remaining production runs on the BPC icons (currently we have to do show info for every bpc we want to inspect)
show ME+PE+runs on BPC icon, also damage. WITH MOCKUP!

Item windows (cargohold, items in station, cans, containers, ...)[edit]

add buttons for "stack all", "select all"
remove 3 weeks log timer on station containers
shift/alt/ctrl click on module - fit to active ship
ability to sell multiple items at once (at best price offered through buy orders)
"fit all" option when right clicking a stack of a modules (e.g. fit multiple guns or shield extenders)
simply display the meta level of each item? I want to be able to tell Meta3 and Meta4 items at a glance.
Little numbers near BPC and BPO indicating lvl of ME and PE.
Allow all actions that I can do on items in the hangar(station items) also in any container window or cargohold, e.g. sell, reprocess


Agents->Missions: add status "completed"


notification for being targeted+locked (no passive locks)
smaller text


direct buying "shopping list"
["browse": allow collapse of leaf groups ]
[add "find in contracts" to item's context menu (for all tabs brose/search/quickbar)]

Miscellaneous / Category?[edit]

Bio Reprocessing - Giving corpses a purpose? (salvaging, implant retrieval)
NeX items: allow to wear more than 1 eye implant - you have 2 eyes
individual notes for jump clones so we can see what each one is useful for
clone jump: automate leave ship+pause skilling+jump+restart skilling
jump clones: see current distances to all my clones
When I open the certificate tab of a ship; it should tell me if I have that certificate or not.
pic1, pic2 - Corp and Personal block lists, with Conflict Management / resolution and options to trade.
[eve mail default font size 14]
[inserting implants: automate stop skillling + insert/replace + restart skilling]
[replace implant: automate removal of old implant in that slot]
audio feedback for: being scrammed/locked/webbed, if someone who isn't in my corp enters local. make individually turn on/off alert.
hovering over container icons (e.g. ships or station containers), show a small overlay progress bar showing the used/free space (like in item windows right now)
undocking: traffic control picture of ships in the vicinity of your station? you cannot take a look what is going on outside? no windows? no radar?
Drag bookmarks to chat window?
wreck loot pool, wrecks generic named small/med/large/capital wrecks, opening wrecks causes loot to be drawn randomly from pool
see the jump range of our capital ships while docked

Missioning (Pve) / NPC stuff[edit]

tell if a mission will hurt the faction standings for which faction(s)
0.9-0.7 space should have NPCs mining in asteroid belts. Why are pod pilots the only one to do so?
Research agent tells you it's okay to cancel a mission ... then does not offer another one unless you cancel and restart research.
Increase the number of NPC ships around the place, to make empire look busy. Even full convoys with escorts.
structuring of the LP into item categories (hardwirings, BP, ammo, ..)


tractor beams: 1.grouping, 2. yellow wrecks, ("script"), 4. meta level
allow virtual grouping (mods of different type, e.g. scram+web)


custom distances e.g. for warp to
Add speed vectors to the tactical overlay. just a pointer which shows the were the ships are heading and how fast.
Change orbiting in a way that it uses the ships direction vector. When i'm at the right distance for the orbit i want, the ship should follow the orbit i want it to have, not completely change direction.
Better managment of sets of orbit & keep at range distances. (Multiple user-settable presets, drop-down? settings per-fitting?
stop ships tumbling out of warp...
do not block/disable input for Browser/Notes/Calc/Wallet while docking/undocking/jumping (also not loose focus or close open context menus,... - make stuff silently "in the background")
Upon jumping into a system, allow a person to lock a target and bring oneself immediately out of the invulnerability cloak, instead of having to move first to decloak in order to lock.
6 hotkeys for aligning the ship in the 6 cardinal directions relative to the camera. In other words, this would bring WASD flying without having to continually spin the screen around and double click.
jumping: ability to know the range between two systems on the starmap (AU)
feedback when I double click to change my ship's flight path
Cloaked ship+docking: "you cannot dock because you are cloaked". fix pls.
'good to warp' indicator light. Green means go, red means i'm still in the bubble/tackled. (I've been popped 'unfairly' twice b/c i tried to warp when I thought I was out of the bubble, but wasn't.)


have each tab retain it´s own sort ordering
add shortcut "open wreck's cargo", doubleclick-ambiguity?
UI flagging (overview: which targets are attacked by drones)
[sort by "IC" -> secondary sort criterion (e.g. by name, by distance, by AV)]
[stop entries shuffling during/after undocking / sort previous to brightening up the screen]
Green brackets for assisting some one.
effect icons: right click to target or view who is doing it to you.
Bookmarks in overview!
pic1 - "selected item" bring up the same right click menu for a ship as through locked ship icon

Planetary Interaction[edit]

remote planet launches to and from customs office without having the need to be in space or system
allow for contracts to and from other toons from customs office


ability to refit T3
rename all POS structures (SMAs and CHAs especially) (Done in Inferno 1.0.x)
unpackaged ships in SMAs
Cans in POS hangars - let me open them, rename them without having to take them out of the hangar
Make it possible that Alliance members can take stuff out of Corp Hagnars anchored at a POS, just like its working with the Ship hangar.
Transfer ownership of a POS to another corp
Allow for public renting of POS slots
Repackaging undamaged modules inside corporate hangar arrays
POS anchor UI: directional arrows don't resize based on camera zoom, like the scan probe UI.
Allow breaking courier packages within POS structures.


dscan range input should be in AU not in km
[probing screen: ability to center camera on anomalies once clickable/put on screen (not just planets and gates)]
probe launcher: auto-repeat / push one button and all probes auto launch until i press the button or the launcher is empty.
D-scan: longer slider so it's easier to select 5 and 15 degree scans / make scaling not linear
D-scan: slider / changed input method for distance
allow center view on probe

Settings & Options[edit]

increase size limits for your bio, notes and mails
option to Turn Down System Background Brightness
Export/import all client settings to XML format file
[finer granularity to set sound levels (background noise vs. guns vs. effects vs. ...)]
option to toggle zoom direction
Bulk import / export personal contacts.


orders: modify order expiration times automatically, use client timer - like industry jobs?
orders: change doubleclick to "view market details" (instead of "show info")
add checkbox "only current region" to filter. (like in market "show only available")
"modfiy order" window: add lens glass button "view market details" (like for "buy/sell order")
add option to turn off automatic updates on order modifications
Highlight your own market orders (for yourself)
"not enough isk to complete market transaction" - indicate which order was deleted
[price edit fields: space out digits / insert some pixels free space (easier mouse highlighting and increased readability)]
[wallet, transactions: get access to player (client name) through context menu, enable drag+drop]
[fix irrational price warnings when editing orders ]
[searching in transactions / filtering on 1 item: allow to go back in time several months]
shared wallet for all characters on the account / simplified isk transfer

Window Management / UI[edit]

pinning windows - but an option to set transparency please
fix drag&drop: 1.any thing in "show info", 2.any text-link to text-field (+preserving the link)
damage notifications: custom placement
add "notes" tab also for corps and alliances (in "show info", like there is for characters)
alignment, warp, jump, abort: sound+voice feedback issues
[allow window locking independant of setting transparency]
[focus follows mouse (especially for using the mouse wheel)]
creating bookmark: hitting "add location" the default title field text should be marked -> typing should erase the default text (use cursor /mouse to save the text)
after initiating self destruct, switch the menu option from "SELF DESTRUCT" to "ABORT SELF DESTRUCT" and vice versa.
doubleclick in window content does not collapse of window anymore
Keyboard shortcuts for assigning tags to targets. It feels tedious to right click menu navigate especially if there is a lot of targets that need tagging.
[sorting notes alphabetically]
KB+Mouse commands for tagging
people and places: the tab "contacts" and "places" should become 2 independent windows.

Complex ideas / affecting balancing or game mechanics, needs discussion[edit]

Corporation Management[edit]

Events and Operations Tool (For Alliance, Corp, or Eve Wide events management (only basic tracking and information), registration and advertising ), MOCKUP

Game Mechanics[edit]

Let me shoot PODs in highsec, that have GCC ! It makes no sense that i am not allowed to shoot the pod of a suicide ganker. If he is GCC, he's a criminal, hence he should be a legal target.
extend personal kill rights to allow podding. (like GCC does soon)


F10 map to show where your corp members currently are in space.


Drone damage increasing implant(s) please.


non-instantaneous reprocessing and refining, make industry job?


new logistics: provide remote resistances
Chaff (reducing signature radius)
Make the damage control a passive module. It makes no sense it's active since it doesn't need notable cap anyhow. (vs. effect for afk travel)
more counter measures


emergency warp stop (causing heavy damage, stopping mid-warp)


Agent Interactions: Random events, minor inconveniences, random bonuses
stop NPC's shooting at people with sufficiently high faction standings to that respective (pirate) faction
Some new class of incursions between scout and vanguard sites. (Scouts can be done solo in an unrigged meta-fitted caracal, then you need logistics for the next difficulty.)


Rig for increased drone bay (absolute / percentage)
Rig for increasing turret / launcher mountpoints


Ability to filter ships with no pilot from dscan. Finding targets not POS'd up is a pain.
[Scan probe layout/patterns to be saved]
new button: Return and reload (automate loading after return)
automate scanning with dscan, also


freighters and jump freighters: SMALL ship maintenance bay, cargo compartments
limit number of drones only on bandwidth and skills, not simply "5"
increase max lock range that you caped at 250km... make it longer...


[autopiloting - reduces autopilot safe distance warping to gate/station]
[warehousing - ability to create virtual compartments in cargohold and hangar / "tagging" cargo in tabs / overall cargo capacity unchanged]

HUD / Navigation[edit]

tactical overview option for solo/small gangs: Ship Velocity Vectors
be able to warp to enemy ship. If i see enemy ship at 300km:s away. Way can't we warp to it. If we can shoot/select it, shouldn't we be able to warp to it (we can do this with planets, sun, etc.)

Window Management[edit]

ability to drag windows out of the client

Already implemented ideas[edit]

order cancellation confirmation dialog
drones: reconnect after eve disconnect
1-jump-autopilot: jump after reaching gate, then do nothing
faction item context menu: add "view contracts"
Blueprints original and copy
password list for POS or your ship can remember last password entered between docks and system jumps
[right click my portrait in local and click show info, I WANT TO VIEW THE INFO WINDOW THAT EVERYBODY ELSE SEES.]