Lord Bastion

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Lord Bastion[edit]


A Minmatar Republic COSMOS site located in the Hjoramold System of the Ani constellation.


The Amarr governor in the Ani constellation held only nominal powers due to the favored status the Nefantars enjoyed. Yet when the rebellion broke out he became a very important figure in the constellation, rallying the local forces to fight the surging rebels. The governor, Lord Basad, constructed a formidable space fortress orbiting Hjoramald XII, ancestral home of the Nefantars. The fortress soon became known as the Lord Bastion and held out for two months before finally succumbing to the rebels. Many Minmatars want this relic of Amarr domination torn to pieces, but the majority regards the bastion's ruins as a symbol of the Minmatar spirit and resolve.


Abotur Kverkinn[edit]


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