Lucius Arcturus (Character)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Character Name: Lucius Arcturus
Born: February 2006
Race: Gallente
Corporation: Taggart Transdimensional
Alliance: Virtue of Selfishness


Lucius Arcturus (LA) received his pilot's license in 2006. He quickly became bored with highsec life and joined several null corporations, living in the Drone Regions for some time. When wormholes were discovered, he soon became enamored with their frontier way of life and endless riches, and began exploring. He was unable to find a WH corp that was not socialist in some way, until he found Taggart.

LA first applied to Taggart in 2009, but was not accepted until a year later due to RL commitments. After being accepted, he rapidly rose through the ranks of the HR staff and was eventually promoted to CEO. Since then he has worked to re-organize Taggart and bring its image more in line with current standards and practices.

While LA has led several Taggart WHs in the past as an operator, his current base of operations is unknown.


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