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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Masters of Ownage
Ticker [m0o]



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The Beginning[edit]

m0o Corp, a.k.a. Masters of Ownage, was originally created by former players of a Counter-Strike clan by the same name. The corporation first became famous for its pirate operations in southern Lonetrek, resulting in unparalleled community and developer response. They are one of few corporations which have forced CCP] to change or add features to the game. Known mostly for their PVP prowess, in-your-face attitudes and infamous reputations, they are considered to be the original pirates and "serial killers" of EVE.

The success of m0o Corp. can be attributed to many things. A combination of skill, innovation and knowledge created the most effective fighting unit in the game. Many accused them of exploiting game mechanics and using unfair tactics. These allegations were continuously denied. Explanations of the game mechanics being used, and why playing the game as designed is different than exploiting, were given by m0o pilots on many occasions. The original m0o never grew to more than about 15 members, with 10 about or so active at any given time.

They were often said to have connections to large corporations or alliances, these include Taggart Transdimensional and Cornexant Inc..

Some names from the original m0o roster include:
The Reverend (CEO), Lord Zap, J0rt, Mikhail, Yvew, Stavros, Tekforce, Gauss to name but a few


Starting in June 2003, about one month after the release of EVE Online, m0o started heavy pirate operations in southern Lonetrek. With only a handful of ships, one of the biggest choke-points in empire space, Mara, became almost completely closed off. Destroying over 200 ships on the first day, and thousands in the weeks to follow, the players of EVE were just beginning to see the havoc m0o would cause.

Many pilots and corporations would try to fight back and remove the threat. Most had one thing in common: failure.

Community Response[edit]

In the weeks of the Mara/Passari camp, there were very few posts on the forums which didn't have something to do with m0o. Players discussed the pilots, their tactics and stated their opinions repeatedly. Arguing whether they were exploiting game mechanics was common, and several GM's confirmed in both petitions and forum posts that this was not the case. Through the forums they reached true superstar status, and whether one was with them or against them, most people respected them.

Developer Interaction[edit]

The 'm0o situation' got so big, that developers were forced to intervene on several occasions. A few weeks into the camp, a force of developer-controlled CONCORD battleships arrived in Mara. m0o pilots were quick to escape, although one brave pilot, The Reverend, made the decision of going up against the attacking force. His cruiser was destroyed in a single shot. This is the only reported incident of developers interacting with the player-base in such a manner, and is widely regarded as having been a bad decision.

Another instance of developer interaction occurred when m0o pilots camping a gate in Mara were transferred to seemingly random locations in space. The reasoning behind this decision is still unknown, and the effect did not last for long as the m0o pilots were back in Mara a few hours later.


These camps lasted until early August 2003, when m0o moved to its legendary home system, FD-MLJ. It was the choke-point entrance into the entire northwestern area of EVE. Syndicate, Fountain, Outer Ring and Cloud Ring were the homes of many corporations and alliances, and m0o exploited that in any way they could. The camp of FD-MLJ lasted for around two months, when m0o entered its first hibernation period.

The Second Coming[edit]

The second coming of m0o started in the third week of October 2003. Most of the older players returned after a 2-3 month hiatus and several experienced players from various PvP corporations were invited to join. This includes a merger with The Legitimate Businessmans Club, which bumped the corporation size up to around thirty people. This era saw the creation of some of EVE's most famous movies, the Chronicles of m0o. Created by The Reverend, each of these movies marks a different milestone in m0o's journey. During this time, Lord Zap became the highest-profile player in EVE, with a bounty of 20 million ISK (a record at the time).

m0o emerged in the Stain region, forming up with the Curse Alliance, namely Sinister Corporation, against the Stain Alliance. The game had changed quite a lot in the few months m0o had been away, and new tactics and strategies had to be created. After a month of PvP sparring with SA, and after destroying Grikl's Apocalypse Imperial Issue on December 1st 2003, m0o decided upon a new target; the Coalition of Free Stars.

As the second coming progressed, the corporation began to increase its member count.

In february of 2004, Miz Cenuij as well as for the Ginger Magician permaban who was a member at the time borrowed about 500m SK from several of his corpmates. He told them it was for a Battleship BPO investment. The next day he wrote a heartfelt post detailing the reasons for his departure, and subsequently departed the corp to join MASS.

In the summer of 2004, The Reverend attempted to sell off m0o corporation to the highest bidder. Little or no interest was shown in his auction, and the corporation kept going as before. The corporation dealt with several internal disputes, such as the departure and re-joining of Several highly prominent members.

During their stay in m0o Vegeta and Paddyman created the first full-length detailed PVP Guide, which is still widely used by many upcoming PVPers.

In early 2004, during a camp of A2-V27, m0o pilots destroyed one of two unique ships ever to have been given - The Gold Magnate. This was yet another coup and talking point which kept pilots interested in the corp and what they would achieve next.

The second coming lasted until the fall of 2005, when the corporation had grown to around 75 members. Many were unhappy with how the corporation was run, mostly due to loose recruitment policies and lack of goals. The decision of hibernation was made by The Reverend.

War in Fountain[edit]

After a month of target practice against CFS in A2-V27 and nearby systems of JK-FIX (now Querious), m0o was ready to face one of its biggest challenges to date, the Fountain Alliance.

In January of 2004, now grown to just under 50 people, m0o corporation attacked the Fountain Alliance in full force. This has been regarded as the first real alliance-crackdown performed by a single corporation. The legendary siege of YZ-LQL was caught on Fraps and made into a movie.

m0o's success in Fountain can in large part be attributed to Omniwar's alt scouting abilities (he was among the first to use the strategy).

Back to Curse and the GNW[edit]

After a months stay in Fountain, m0o corporation got bored. In March of 2004, all friendly ties with Curse Alliance were broken and war was waged. Frigate warfare became the focus issue, and nothing was more popular than a group of Kestrels with cruise missiles. Interceptors were released shortly after, and were embraced by pilots as even more powerful weapons of war.

m0o corporation formed friendly ties with Evolution, and when the Great Northern War broke out they could often be seen fighting alongside Evolution, Reikoku and Black Nova Corp. Had it not been for the breakup in the fall of 2005, it is likely that m0o would have remained a member of Band of Brothers to this day.

The Third and Final Coming[edit]

It only took about two months for m0o corporation to become active again, and many wondered if these hibernations would become scheduled thing. People felt the m0o name should be held in higher regard and the corp should either stay active or simply call it quits.

This coming saw the return of very few older players. Key people in running the corporation were Odet, Madcap Magician, Tbone and Fairlane, while the former leadership sat semi-inactive on the sidelines. The third coming is regarded as a mistake by some people, since most felt that the corporation failed to live up to its high standards. It is notable that in m0o ended this "third coming" with a perfect 10 to 1 Battleship kill/death ratio, despite usually fighting outnumbered. Despite this efficiency, most uninvolved people perceived m0o as having lost its touch because it was less influential in EVE politics and PvP development.

Over the next few months, many new players were brought into the corporation. Some of the older players left and found homes in other corporations, most notably Evolution. In the spring of 2005, m0o corporation was finally closed down for the last time. The original serial killers and the most notoriously infamous corporation the game had ever seen was no more.

m0o pilots left to form and/or join corporations like The Royal Syndicate, D.N.A, Finite Horizon, Evolution and Reikoku.


Accusations of cheating were common among m0o's enemies. Whether it be exploiting game mechanics, attempting to cause lag by dropping hundreds of cans at gates (m0o members have explained they were loot cans from gate NPC's) or something worse, they usually came out of top because of their wits, superior strategy and knowledge of the game. m0o pilots were commonly accused of log-on traps due to their use of aggression traps, where the majority of the m0o pilots wait one system away from their target until a scout has tricked the pilot into aggressing against him (rendering the target unable to dock or jump).

m0o members have been credited with several innovative ship setups and strategies, such as:
(note: verifying if m0o members were actually the first to use or come up with these are impossible, but they are all good strategies adopted by the corporation)

  • Utilizing highly over-powered damage mods.
  • Placing absurd ammounts of shield hardeners on ships, especially the Scorpion battleship. This made them nearly invulnerable.
  • Realizing the importance of capacitor in combat. In early 2003, capacitor was generally thought of as irrelevant. Modules such as the Capacitor Power Relay and Cap Recharger did not see much use until fall 2003.
  • Using oversized (and multiple) afterburners on cruisers.
  • Using oversized launchers on frigates (but note that at the time it was possible to load cruise missiles into standard launchers).
  • The popular 'gankageddon' setup.

Ex-m0o member TWD has been referred to as one of the top strategists in the game for the innovative setups he created.

Effects on EVE[edit]

The effects of m0o corporation today can be felt in several gameplay aspects. They were a major reason for the large balance fixes to turrets, hardeners and damage modifiers in 2004, as well as the addition of sentry guns, gate NPC's and the increased presence/beefing up of CONCORD in empire space.

The Chronicles of m0o[edit]

Eight chronicles were created by The Reverend, here they are in the correct order:

There was also a promotional frigate recruitment video made. It became quite popular, since few had done something like it before (proving that frigates could stand up to battleships).

A final 9th Chronicles of m0o video was made by the reverend called "Full Circle". It had a much smaller impact on the community then the previous chronicles. As Eve content videos were becoming common.

History from an Original M0o Member[edit]

This is taken from the Eve Chronical page as was written by an original member called Yvew

Masters of Ownage, was on a rampage. In the early years of EvE no one was really ever recognized unless they were in M0o. This corp was the only corp, that Developer's actually intervened repeatedly. M0o was known to hold the largest choke point in eve the Mara/Passari gate. After that we moved to our home system FD-MLJ where the onslaught went on.

Our destruction was so immense, we received one of the first battleships that was made ingame, even though large guns weren't even able to be made; as payment for not attacking a large alliance. Many people said that we exploited game mechanics, but we used what the game allowed to be used. Our fleets were tactical, and extremely well organized.

How many other pvp corps actually ever pod'd a GM? M0o pod'd a game master, and took the corpse. Ywev, held onto the corpse and was taken to Jove space and wasn't allowed to undock or leave the station til he handed over the gm's corpse. Which now has a M0o corp hq in that station.

The M0o situation was so out of control on the main eve forums that the developers had to respond on several occasions. The developer's controlled a CONCORD fleet of battleships, before they were even available to the player base. The reverend, took up the ropes and went against the fleet of battleships in his cruise, and died in one shot. This action was regarded as a unwise tactic from the player base.

I believe the funnest developer interaction was when they moved us 100 jumps away from where we were. 0.0 space wasn't really occupied, no alliances or corporations really went there or mined. Because all the good ores where close to empire space. But we were moved anyways to get us off the gate. On the way back to our gate camp we ran into several very unfortunate mining ops. They all meet their demise after we entered the system. Many people would leave the system or log off when they seen a m0o member in local.

During the gate camps, the sentry guns would continuously shoot us, but we were always so well tanked that the guns did minimal damage to us. This was before anyone could heal or rep you. We used mines that used to be part of the game to line the warp in spot to the gate to cause additional damage to ships upon making their way to the gate. At that time the warp in was designated to 15 km from the gate, there were no 0 warp in's unless you had bookmarks.

M0o's effects are still felt in eve today. The sentry guns were added directly because of our gate camps. We were able to place oversized after burners and multiple afterburners on ships, use oversized launchers on ships, including cruise missiles on a frigate. We showed the importance of the Capacitor Power Relay, and the Cap charger.

Back then 5 ships could lock down a entire region, it wasn't uncommon for m0o to be outnumbered 10 to 1 and still have no one to fight. Our well defined killing skills gave way to how battles are fought and won. Most corps never used teamspeak or ventrilo. Now it's a requirement for almost every corp.

The good ole days, are always remembered, and never forgotten