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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Event Details
Fleet Landing on Gate
Event Title MAX Campaign
Location Deklein
Pure Blind
Scalding Pass
Wicked Creek
Start Date 2008.07.10
End Date 2009.02.05
Attacking Forces Greater BoB Community (GBC)
Against ALL Authorities <AAA>
Defending Forces Goonswarm <GS>
Northern Coalition (NC)
Red Alliance <RA>
Result GBC captures IRON space
NC defeats GBC in North

MAX, an abbreviation of MAXimum Damage, was a campaign started by Band of Brothers in 2008. BoB's intent was to influence its enemies by causing maxumum damage by destroying the maximum number of hostile assets, while not holding their space for extended periods. This philosophy was a change from BoB's philosophy leading up to the Great War which saw the Greater BoB community (GBC) fighting an unsustainable war on multiple fronts.

The campaign began on 2008.07.10 with 350 capitals, and 600 fleet ships from BoB and its GBC allies moving in the first wave. Moving to the North where BoB attacked Imperial Republic of the North and Red Alliance in Deklein and Pure Blind. It successfully captured a large amount of space in the North, but the GBC forces were eventually defeated in a series of large capital battles in Tribute and in the sorrounding Low-Security System of Obe. All the space taken during this campaign was recaptured in a series of well coordinated assaults by the Northern Coalition, in the span of two weeks. Thus thwarted, the campaign shifted its focus towards the South.

Northern Campaigns[edit]

Deklein and Pure Blind[edit]

Attackers: GBC
Defenders: Red Alliance <RA> in Pure Blind and Imperial Republic of the North <IRON> in Deklein

This campaign kicked off July 2008 with the massive movement of GBC forces towards the X-7OMU system in Pure Blind. The main targets of the GBC were the moon material industry of RA around the EC-P8R system, and the sovereign space of IRON around Deklein.
2008.07.10, all hell breaks loose for IRON, a massive GBC sub-cap fleet attacked VFK-IV and was thrown back with heavy losses[1].
Hours later, the next wave of the GBC attacks[2]. Days of heavy attacks pass, but the losses for the GBC are as heavy as before when attacking VFK-IV[3] and similar attacks are launched against neighbouring systems with equal lack of success at first[4].
GBC's MAX Campaign starts to erode IRON sovereignty in Deklein starting with the Station systems of 2-KF56 and 2R-CRW.
The final battle occured 2008.08.22. IRON loses the Cyno Jammer and subsequently sovereignty in VW7-YN Constellation. The fall of VFK-IV was considered the final battle for MAX against IRON and ended with IRON losing an Avatar class Titan.[5]

The total time for the GBC to take the six principle systems from IRON was Forty-two Days.
This time proved Invaluable for the major NC Alliances in Tribute to prepare.

Post-Max the GBC appeared to move on quickly for fresh targets to maintain momentum. IRON retained sovereignty in three neighbouring Station systems for several months after. Sovereignty in the lower region of Deklein was taken by G00DFELLAS basing from ROIR-Y. It took almost three weeks for G00DFELLAS to destroy IRONs JU-OWQ Cynojammer, reppeled by a cooridinated force of Starbase Gunners.[6] [7] [8]
After MAX finished in Tribute, a fast NC assault recaptured the region. Control was given to the Tau Ceti Federation.


Attackers: GBC, Triumvirate., G00DFELLAS
Defenders: Morsus Mihi, RAZOR Alliance, Majesta Empire, Stella Polaris., Tau Ceti Federation, Pandemic Legion, KIA Alliance

GBC relocated to the Obe solarsystem in The Forge, in order to target the space of Morsus Mihi in the North. Initially, the GBC had some successes, with the capture of both the E-O and M-O solar systems, but were unable to capture the 15W system when the NC poured massive resources into defending the system, locking BoB ships out. This proved to be too much of a challenge to capture. After 15W, little progress was made capturing new systems. Notable kills in this campaign were the loss of 2 GBC titans, both piloted by SirMolle, the leader of the GBC, as well as the loss of over 200 GBC capitals in the attempt to push deeper into Tribute.

Southern Campaigns[edit]

Esoteria, Feythabolis, Scalding Pass, and Wicked Creek[edit]

Attackers: Against ALL Authorities, BoB, Coven, Systematic Chaos
Defenders: Goonswarm, Legion of xXDeathXx, Northern Coalition, RA, United Legion

In a later stage of the MAX campaign, after fleeing the North, the GBC assisted in attacks on Goonswarm in Feythabolis, Wicked Creek, and several other southern regions.

The campaign suffered a major setback when Goonswarm killed 49 GBC capitals in a trap. In the trap, the GBC hot dropped a small number of Goon capitals. The goons then counter hot dropped a larger number of Sniper Dreadnaughts outside the maximum range of the GBC capitals.

The campaign was further slowed when other alliances begain to join the fight on the side of Goonswarm. The alliance to do so was Pandemic Legion who began harassing BoB around their operational base in of H-ADOC. BoB responded by sending members of the GBC to take Pandemic Legion's home system of Fountain. This move resulted in neglible gains for the GBC involved, who were handily defeated by the remaining residents of Fountain. Pandemic Legion was quickly followed by the Northern Coalition.

The Campaign's End[edit]

The MAX Campaign was brought to an abrupt end when the BoB alliance was suddenly disbanded. Nearly all forces involved in the southern wars moved into Delve to assault the former BoB, reformed as KenZoku.

Notable Battles and Losses[edit]

Super Capital Ship Losses - Titans[edit]

Super Capital Ship Losses - Motherships[edit]