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The Machine Head[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Hjoramold system of the Ani constellation.


When scientists first started serious research on anti-matter there was a public outcry over the supposed dangers this entailed. Thus, the first anti-matter laboratories were forced out into space. One such laboratory was constructed here in the Hjoramold system during the Amarr occupation, headed by the renown scientist Dr. Hydar Perdikan.

The laboratory was at the forefront of anti-matter research for decades, but was closed shortly before the Minmatar Rebellion. Dr. Perdikan refused to leave his lab though and lived there for the rest of his days. He started to dabble in cybernetics and implants and used many of his inventions on himself. He survived the rebellion and was left alone by the Minmatars, as he was considered harmless. Some called him Dr. Hermit, but he was better known as Machine Head. He has not been heard from in almost 50 years, his remains probably still lie in the ruins of his old lab.


Agents found at the Machine Head.

Ekdit Spitek[edit]

Urban Management (Accounting/Level 2/Quality 0/Event) Urban Management's Census

Nabur Verkort[edit]

Brutor Tribe (Intelligence/Level 3/Quality 0/Event) Breaking Tradition