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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

File:Majesta 2010.jpg
Name Majesta Empire
Ticker ME
Type 0.0
Founded October 25th, 2007
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Kesper North
Diplomat(s) Kesper North, Balor Haliquin, TOUNSI
Public Channel
Website Majesta Empire Killboard
Executor The Privy Council
Members 2nd Blood Raven Assault Squad
Community for Justice
Epiphyte Mining and Exploration
FroZen SoulS
German Kings
Jelly Baby Corporation
Project Stealth Squad
Reliables Inc
Stardust Heavy Industries
Strategic Solution Ltd.

Early History[edit]

The Majesta Empire <ME> alliance was founded on the October 25th, 2007, by the corporations MArquie-X Corp, JElly Baby Corporation and STArdust Heavy Industries. The leading letters of the founding corporations formed the basis for Majesta in Majesta Empire.

Since most of the member corporations had a past in the north, ME decided to look for a home in the north. As an affiliated member of the Northern Coalition (NC), ME settled into the north in the constellation XPBM-F in Branch, after some heavy fighting for the NC during the Insurgency campaign.

Majesta Empire participated on the side of the Northern Coalition during the MAX Campaign, as well, with several ME pilots on the famous Shrike titan lossmail in Obe. Upon the successful completion of this campaign, and while the rest of the NC was battling to remove GOODFELLAS from Deklein, ME began to fight Triumvirate. for control of their stations in Vale of the Silent. This effort was successful, and ME gained sovereignty over many of the former Triumvirate. stations and systems in the Vale of the Silent. The rest of Vale was shared with The Initiative., whom at the time were members of the NC.

Shortly thereafter, Majesta Empire was promoted to full-member status of the Northern Coalition, a status which they continue to enjoy in the present day.

Recent History[edit]

ME joined the Drone Wars in May, 2009 to help Red Alliance (RA) and The Initiative. against Ethereal Dawn (ED) and Intrepid Crossing (IRC). During the war, ME was able to gain sovereignty of the system and station in XB-9U2. Initiative and ME engaged on the northern front, while RA was active on the southern one. With these multiple active threats so close to their own home, Solar Fleet joined the war as friends of ED/IRC. SOLAR and RA were blue to each other, however, which enabled SOLAR to focus solely on Initiative and ME forces. The systems lost by ED/IRC were thus reclaimed, and some days later ME retreated from the Drone Regions after negotiating a temporary cease-fire with ED/IRC, in order to avoid further losses. While no additional space was claimed by Majesta Empire as a result of this war effort, they earned the mutual respect of ED and IRC during the engagement.

On June 26th, 2009, founding corporation Marquie-X Corp left Majesta Empire, rumored to be caused by leadership differences over the direction of the alliance. M-X founded Atropos. alliance on July 9th, 2009, and began claiming sov in Eastern Vale, recently vacated by The Initiative. and their renter alliances. Atropos. was in the NC as a guest of Morsus Mihi, but the alliance did not last long. Internal leadership dissension and an attempt to oust M-X as the executor corp lead to the removal of their guest status and the disbandment of the alliance.

ME was one of several alliances to suffer a bill-paying issue affecting their sov holding. On November 29th, 2009, shortly before downtime, Majesta Empire closed. This was an unintentional act and was the direct result of the alliance failing to pay its alliance maintenance bill. The alliance was quickly reformed and all previous corps rejoined the new Majesta Empire the following day. Initially, rumors circulated that the alliance closing was a bug and would soon be corrected by CCP devs. Later, after it was discovered that the alliance maintanence fee was not paid, it was stated publicly by Majesta Empire that multiple corps inside the alliance, including the executor corp, never received the monthly evemail notification from CONCORD. CCP rejected this claim in petition attempts.

With the closing of the alliance, all Majesta Empire sov was lost. This sov loss happened at an inopportune time, given that all sov rules changed two days later, on December 1, 2009, with the release of the Dominion patch by CCP. ME, however, successfully reclaimed all their previous sov utilizing the new sov mechanics and sov claiming infrastructure. No serious threats to their sov occurred during this time, however, excepting a small alliance attempting to gain sov in multiple systems of the YUT3-U constellation of Vale of the Silent. This effort was quickly squashed and resulted in the first known TCU killmails in EVE history.

Current Events[edit]

Majesta Empire recently changed their alliance leadership structure, with high-command level details of these changes dumped to the popular Kugutumen's blog here, by outcast ex-Razor alliance member Phreeze.

The EVE-Online CAOD forum personality Derek Chu has been rumoured to be ghostwritten by Majesta Empire capsuleer Riverini, of Reliables Inc. This claim has not been verifed, although Riverini did receive a two week ban on the EVE-Online forums for a post denying his identity as Derek Chu. Neither Majesta Empire or Reliables Inc have released statements regarding Derek Chu or Riverini. Derek Chu has not posted on CAOD since this information was made available.

War History[edit]

  • MAX Campaign
  • Reclaiming of Deklein and Vale of the Silent to restore NC control
  • ED/IRC Campaign (Drone Wars/ICED) in Etherium Reach
  • Pure Blind Campaign in January, 2010, to restore Mostly Harmless sov in Pure Blind
  • "North vs. South" AKA "MAX2" AKA "Kitchen Sink Campaign", the second great invasion of the North by IT, Atlas, -A- and ROL
  • "WW3" AKA "Drone Russian Invasion" - Majesta Empire and RAGE Alliance invaded the Kalevala Expanse while Morsus Mihi and RAZOR invaded Etherium Reach.

Further Information[edit]

While Majesta Empire was originally founded as a German speaking alliance, this is no longer the case. Several corporations still speak German as their primary language, but in recent months additional English-speaking corporations have been added and English is the official language of the alliance, both in-game and on voice communications.