Manufacturing jobs security (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: Manufacturing jobs security
  • Raised by: Dierdra Vaal
  • Submission Date: 27 may 2008
  • Issue ID: 0103-06-0093


In the current setup of corporate roles, in order for people to use a corporation’s manufacturing slots (for example on a POS), members of a corporation need specific roles to be able to install and cancel jobs. Unfortunately, these roles allow them to cancel other members’ jobs as well. This creates a security risk for everyone using the slots, and creates a lot of extra work for the slot managers if they want to work around this system.

A solution to this would be to add a role that allowed people to install jobs as usual, and cancel only their own jobs. A role that allows a player to cancel any roles should still remain for managers/directors ofcourse.


Every time I've needed to give someone the ability to manufacture or research, I've had to give Rent Factory (or Research) Slot and Factory Manager.

Rent (Factory/Research) Slot is supposed to be the role that lets the person use the blueprints from the corp hangar. By its description, this is all the corp member should need.

By Factory Manager's description, it's the role that lets you cancel jobs that you yourself did not create. I assume it's a bug that's never been addressed, as it's been like this since I've been playing (through three patches, now). I shouldn't have to make everybody a Factory Manager when all they need to be able to do is rent slots. It forces even more paranoia on an already risky corporate function.

More permission settings (Scetrov)
More granular permissions would make a lot of sense. However I am not sure it should be locked in by owner, perhaps a more elegant solution may be to assign an "Owner" to a POS. This could be set by corporation vote, the POS owner is then allowed to set an access control list for specific tasks (i.e. create, cancel and deliver) for each task a set of permissions could be selected:

  • Owner - the POS "Owner"
  • Creator - the person who created the job
  • Directors - CEO's and Directors of the owning corporation
  • Alliance - Anyone in the alliance
  • Corporation - Anyone in the corp.
  • Public - Anyone (probably not best to set this for cancel or deliver)


  • Improved security on manufacturing jobs
  • Less paranoid industry managers


  • none

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