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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Megathron is the Gallente's second tier battleship, and the premier blaster platform in the Gallente arsenal. With room for 7 turrets and 7 low slots available for armor tanking, the Megathron can be equipped to take a beating and give one too.

The Megathron is commonly seen equipped with large blasters. The "Blasterthron" can be a very potent vessel, providing more than 1000 DPS when equipped with Neutron Blaster Cannon II and multiple Magnetic Field Stabilizer II (Magstabs).

The Megathron is also used as a sniping battleship, and serves as a solid platform for large railguns. The Rokh maintains a range advantage over the Megathron which is most apparent when sniping.

For PVE activities, the Megathron is most potent against Serpentis vessels. While not all NPC vessels are vulnerable specifically to Kinetic and Thermal damage types, the Megathron is none the less effective, and is a popular ship for running missions.

With four mid slots and seven low slots at its disposal, Megathrons are almost exclusively equipped with armor tank.

The Megathron is almost perfectly suited for smaller scale, close range fights such as at gate or station camps. It has the right amount of mid slots for a MWD and tackling equipment, can somewhat easily be fitted to put out over 1000 DPS while having an over 100k EHP armor tank at the same time, and have either a heavy neut or remote armor rep in the last high slot, and it can be fitted for all of this at a rather decent price. If you're going up against several of these, be ready for pain.

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