Members of the first CSM

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Members of the First Council of Stellar Management were:

Player Name Character Name Corporation Alliance Position
Andrew Cruse (UK) Jade Constantine Jericho Fraction (JERIC) The Star Fraction <-SF-> Chairman
Niall Dologhan (UK) Hardin Imperial Dreams (IG) Curatores Veritatis Alliance <CVA>
Eva Jobse (Netherlands) Ankhesentapemkah Aliastra (A) Secretary
Alexander Kravitz (USA) Bane Glorious Goonfleet (LWTAX) GoonSwarm <OHGOD>
Sean Conover (US) Darius JOHNSON Goonfleet (LWTAX) GoonSwarm <OHGOD>
Valentijn Geerheart (Netherlands) Dierdra Vaal Eve University (E-UNI) Ivy League <E-UNI> Vice-Secretary
Shayne Smart (Netherlands) Serenity Steele Dynamic Data Distribution (INPUT) Ministry of Information <INFO> Vice Chairman
Charlie Eriksen (Denmark) LaVista Vista Conservative Shenanigans Party (CSPTY)
Alison Wheeler (UK) Inanna Zuni The Causality (CLTY) The Honda Accord <BEEP>



Marcell Tóth (Hungary) Tusko Hopkins HUN Corp (HUN) HUN Reloaded <RAX>
Jeremy Jankie (Australia) Omber Zombie Frontier Technologies (FTEK)

Marcell Tóth replaced Niall Dologhan as a full member of the CSM during the term of office when Niall resigned due to pressure of work commitments.