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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Members of the Fourth Council of Stellar Management are:

Player Name Character Name Corporation Alliance Position
Tomas Ljumovic (Serbia) ElvenLord 4S Corporation (4S) Morsus Mihi <RAWR> Chairman
Greg Russo (US) Alekseyev Karrde Noir. (NOIR.) Noir. Mercenary Group <NMG.>
John Zastrow (US) Zastrow J Goonfleet (LWTAX) GoonSwarm <OHGOD> Vice-Secretary
Jason Renouf (Guernsey) TeaDaze Agony Unleashed (AGONY) Agony Empire <AGONY> Secretary
Asher Dratel (US) Mrs Trzzbk Mothership Connection Inc. (ATDOG) GoonSwarm <OHGOD>
Andrey Antonov (Russia) Korvin Shadow Kingdom (SHK)
Denis Descheneaux (United Kingdom) Z0D Rubycom Matrix (RBYC) United Corporations Of Modern Eve <UNITE> Vice-Chairman
Jaime Tiampo (Canada) Song Li MinmaTire Corporation LTD (MTIRE)
Tim Heusschen (Netherlands) Sokratesz Rionnag Alba (R A) Triumvirate <TRI>



Iain Compton (Germany) Helen Highwater Ultrapolite Socialites (LOVEU) GoonSwarm <OHGOD>
Paul Alexander Oosterman (New Zealand) T'Amber Ships of Eve (SOE-E)
Justin Easterling (US) Farscape Hw Black Omega Security (BOS) Pandemic Legion <-10.0>
Stephan Pirson (Belgium) Meissa Anunthiel Redshift Industrial (RS-I) Rooks and Kings <HARK>
Shayne Smart (Netherlands) Serenity Steele Dynamic Data Distribution (INPUT) Ministry of Information <INFO>

Further reading[edit]

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