Members of the second CSM

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Members of the Second Council of Stellar Management are:

Player Name Character Name Corporation Alliance Position
Vuk Lau (Serbia) Vuk Lau 4S Corporation (4S) Morsus Mihi <RAWR> Chairman
Eva Jobse (Netherlands) Ankhesentapemkah Aliastra (A) Vice Chairman
Charlie Eriksen (Denmark) LaVista Vista Conservative Shenanigans Party (CSPTY)
Sean Conover (US) Darius JOHNSON Goonfleet (LWTAX) GoonSwarm <OHGOD>
Valentine Obasuyi (UK) Pattern Clarc Celtic Anarchy (K.O.S.) Force Of Evil <F0E> Note: Had stepped down from Council for being inactive from start
Marcell Tóth (Hungary) Tusko Hopkins HUN Corp (HUN) HUN Reloaded <RAX> Vice-Secretary
Jeremy Jankie (Australia) Omber Zombie Frontier Technologies (FTEK) Secretary
Michele Boland (USA) Issler Dainze Tadakatsu Obata Corporation (TDAO) The Honda Accord <BEEP>
Ryan Hamilton (USA) Bunyip Center for Advanced Studies (CAS)



Rene de Vrind (Netherlands) Extreme Eye of God (EOG) note: Became an official member of the Council in place of Pattern Clark
Stephan Pirson (Belgium) Meissa Anunthiel Redshift Industrial (RS-I)