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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Members of the Seventh Council of Stellar Management are:

Player Name Character Name Corporation Alliance Position
Joshua Goldshlag (US) Two step Aperture Harmonics (AHARM) K162 Alliance <K162> Secretary
Peter Farrell (US) Elise Randolph Habitual Euthanasia (HABIT) Pandemic Legion <-10.0>
Dmitriy Vasiliev (Russia) Greene Lee Warhamsters (WAR.H) Against ALL Authorities <.-A-.>
Robert Woodhead (US) Trebor Daehdoow Dirt Nap Squad (D-N-S) Dirt Nap Squad. <-DNS-> Vice-Chairman
Paul Cammish (United Kingdom) Kelduum Revaan EVE University (E-UNI) Ivy League <IVY>
Mark Heard (US) Seleene Body Count Inc. (BDCI) Pandemic Legion <-10.0> Chairman
Mikhail Romanchenko (US) UAxDEATH The xDEATHx Squadron (XDSQX) Legion Of xXDEATHXx <X.I.X>
Noah Garaas (US) Hans Jagerblitzen Autocannons Anonymous (AUTOZ) Late Night Alliance <GHEY> Vice-Secretary
Stephan Pirson (Belgium) Meissa Anunthiel Redshift Industrial (RS-I) Rooks and Kings <HARK>
Tyler Lehfeldt (US) Dovinian Dreddit (B0RT) Test Alliance Please Ignore <TEST>
Michele Boland (US) Issler Dainze Tadakastu-Obata Corporation (TDAO) The Honda Accord <BEEP>
Gregory Russo (US) Alekseyev Karrde Noir. (NOIR.) Noir. Mercenary Group <NMG.>
Joseph W Morris (US) Darius III


Further reading[edit]

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