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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Members of the Third Council of Stellar Management are:

Player Name Character Name Corporation Alliance Position
Valentijn Geirnaert (Netherlands) Dierdra Vaal Eve University (E-UNI) Ivy League <IVY> Chairman
Vuk Lau (Serbia) Vuk Lau 4S Corporation (4S) Morsus Mihi <RAWR>
Allison Nixon (US) mazzilliu Sniggerdly (SNIGG) Pandemic Legion <-10.0>
John Zastrow (US) Zastrow J Goonfleet (LWTAX) GoonSwarm <OHGOD>
Hendrik Scheider (Germany) Erik Finnegan Polytechnique Gallenteenne (PYGAL) Vice Secretary
Brian Haines (US) Avalloc Goonfleet (LWTAX) GoonSwarm <OHGOD>
Jeremy Jankie (Australia) Omber Zombie Frontier Technologies (FTEK) Vice Chairman
Michele Boland (USA) Issler Dainze Tadakatsu Obata Corporation (TDAO) The Honda Accord <BEEP>
Stephan Pirson (Belgium) Meissa Anunthiel Redshift Industrial (RS-I) Secretary



Shayne Smart (Netherlands) Serenity Steele Dynamic Data Distribution (INPUT) Ministry of Information <INFO>
Leanna Jane Evelyn Fulford (UK) Shatana Fulfairas Celestial Horizon Corp. (CLS)
Andy Smith (Australia) Chip Mintago ANZAC ALLIANCE (ANZA) Southern Cross Alliance <SCA>
Walker Berry (US) Weazy Z Viper Squad (-VSQ-) Triumvirate <TRI>

Further reading[edit]

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