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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Mentas Blaque
Race Gallente
Bloodline Gallente
Role CEO (Former Head),
Senate (NPC corporation)
Born Unknown
Died Unknown

Once described as the most intelligent man in the Federation, but also the most cold-hearted, Mentas Blaque is a political hard-liner of the best, or the worst, sort. While the Federation has always stood for freedom and equality, to Blaque some people are more equal than others. While Blaque has never advocated that the Federation should be for Gallente only, he has many times stated that it should be governed solely by Gallente. In his view, the Gallente are the true champions of democracy, other members of the Federation are simply 'guests' of the great and generous Gallente nation. Serving as Senate President, Head of Federal Intelligence, the modern face of the Social Democratic Party, and close runner-up in YC108 presidential election, Mentas Blaque is a true giant in recent Gallente politics.

Early Life And Political Ascendancy[edit]

After graduating as a lawyer from University of Caille, Blaque went to work for one of the most prestigious law firms in the Federation, Tuvoulle, Tuvoulle & Reniz. Quickly establishing himself as extremely competent trial lawyer with a merciless and cunning edge, Blaque also started to make a name for himself in the political arena with biting articles in leading newspapers. Blaque retired from law business in his early thirties, already having amassed enough wealth to last several lifetimes.

Blaque then started his political career in earnest. Applying the same ruthless methods that made him notorious during his lawyering days, he quickly rose to prominence. He became Senator before he was forty and was quick to stamp his authority in the lofty halls of the Senate. It wasn't long before he was elected head of the Federation Senate, a post he held for an extended period. Blaque's ambition had awakened once again, propelling him to take on Souro Foiritan for the presidency. The two had clashed many times in the past, with Foiritan generally the winner.

Issues And Views[edit]

Mentas Blaque believes the essence of the democratic spirit must be defended vigorously against foreign threats and subversive elements. That aggressive nature dictates the initiative must be seized and actions taken against those seeking to undermine the Federation. Blaque's views have made him a controversial figure in the Federation. Many are swayed by his persuasive argument that the Federation can only remain a sanctuary to the oppressed if it can prove itself to be strong and secure.

Blaque hates the the Syndicate with a passion, and secret documents implicate him in an atrocity aboard a Serpentis vessel even before his appointment as director of the Black Eagles. Whether this is because of his feud with Former President Souro Foiritan, who is an Intaki, is unknown. Blaque maintained that Foiritan was secretly dealing with the Syndicate, fattening his own pockets with smuggler's money in exchange for allowing the Syndicate to operate unhindered close to Federation space. While these accusations were never substantiated, it was clear that with Blaque in power the Syndicate would have felt the wrath of the Federation.

Blaque had also criticized the president for his friendly overtures to the Amarr Empire and the Caldari State. To Blaque, such moves will only be perceived as a sign of weakness and ruthlessly exploited. He pointed to the Protein Delicacy Fiasco, the Crielere project ,and the deal with Aritcio Kor-Azor as examples of this was already happening. If Blaque were to gain the Presidency, a much coveted position of his, relations with the other empires would have soured, with Blaque's decidedly xenophobic views. For the same reason, CONCORD would have undoubtedly suffered. Blaque had stated that he will withdraw funds earmarked for CONCORD and use them to strengthen the Federation Navy instead.

On the home front, Blaque sought to take greater interest in the day to day running of affairs than Foiritan. Blaque planned to patch up the poor relations between the president and the senate, aiming to unite all the government agencies and make the start working for each other instead of against each other, as had often been the case under Foiritan. Blaque's insistence on increased security may not affect the average citizen much, but stiffer regulations regarding transportation of goods and people can be expected.<ref>News: The Scope Profile: Mental Blaque:</ref>

YC108 Presidential Election[edit]

Blaque entered the YC108 presidential race as a strong favorite. Giving many fiery speeches on the return to Gallente national identity, he railed much of the Federation, while alienating many others. President Foiritan, on the other hand, stayed remarkably low-key while campaigning vigorously in the Federation's outer fringes, swaying many Intaki and Minmatar immigrants to his side.

In one of the closest results on record amid massive turnout, Foirtan became the first Federation president in history to win a second term. In his concession speech, Blaque " strongly urged" the president to "safeguard the values and integrity of our nation". These remarks indicated Blaque would continue his push for Gallente nationalism in the Senate and beyond.<ref>News: Foiritan Triumphs in Close Race:</ref>

War And The Black Eagles[edit]

After the onset of the Empyrean Wars, President Foiritan tapped his bitter rival for the head of the Federal Intelligence Office, and the notorious Black Eagles. The new division would be empowered with exclusive and unconditional oversight of all Federal assets and agencies.

Since Blaque was an outspoken political opponent of Foiritan's, his appointment initially seemed a bolt from the blue. Though conspiracy theories (along with a healthy smattering of general confusion) arose immediately, the national zeitgeist, in the absence of any more believable theories, was eventually made to settle into the somewhat uneasy solution that Foiritan had simply needed someone for the post who quite obviously wasn't in his pocket and never would be. Indeed, in the months immediately following the division's founding, Blaque set up institutions to root out Caldari sympathizers and a record number of corrupt military personnel and government officials were apprehended, even people who had fairly substantial (though always safely peripheral) ties to Foiritan himself.

Nonetheless, there were a fair share of defectors from the agency, people who viewed the Eagles' methods as violations of long-sacred Gallente ideals.

Political Turmoil And Senate Resignation[edit]

In the year YC111, President Foiritan attempted to nationalize the military defense industry under Executive Order 81042, leading to fierce protests from many corporations, spearheaded by then-arms dealer Jacus Roden. A motion for impeachment passed the Senate, while Blaque gave the Federal Intelligence Office the order to "belay prior enforcement directives and stand down." It is unknown if his actions represent direct insubordination, or if the order was issued by the president.<ref>News: Foiritan to Invoke War Time Powers Act to Nationalize Federation Arms Manufacturers; Senate Calls Emergency Session:</ref>

Later that year in the Senate, the Bellaron-Wu proposal to limit serving public officials to a single branch of government was stalled and sent to committee. This led to public outcry and opinion of the Federal government by and large to plummet. Blaque, holding both a cabinet level post in the administration as well as top position in the Senate, led many to allege that Blaque is simply the tool, and that Foiritan's unwillingness to censure him shows a willful interference in legislative matters by the President. This, along with growing dissatisfaction over the administration's general handling of militia actions against the Caldari, has meant a plummet in President Foiritan's approval rating, which is now at its lowest point in several years. President Foirtan resigned shortly after.

Roden, who had become a folk hero of sorts amid the scandal, went on to win the Presidency in a landslide. The current political establishment suffering on all fronts. In YC112, after a long and distinguished career, Senator Mentas Blaque announced that he would be step down from his elected position in the Gallente Senate effective immediately.

Blaque continues to serve as head of the Federal Intelligence Office, an appointment that was re-confirmed by President Jacus Roden. Given the recent acrimony caused by Blaque's unique position in both the legislative and executive branches of government, this move was seen as a way to appease his harshest critics. Some political experts had suggested that this was a back-room deal brokered by President Roden.

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