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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Pilot details
Original Pilot's License Photo
Name Mina O'Bane
Race Caldari
Bloodline Achura
Born Yc 93 (additional Data not supplied)
Licensed 2009-07-07 12:31:00
Corporation The Valkyries of Bosiu (Player corporation)
Occupation Professional Combat Pilot
Specialization Amarrian Covert Ops


Mina O'Bane was born to parents Dessel Bane [1] and Maarit Bane on Urlen Planet V. Her Father was a Major in the Caldari Military and commanded a Rokh class Battleship. He was killed in Yc 93 when a rogue Gallente Shield Commander flew his Brutix into the border zone and attacked Dessel's ship, Dessel was killed when his Rokh collided with the Brutix. Mina was barely six months old when she and her mother were forced to leave Urlen after her father died. They relocated to Annaro VIII, a temperate planet with a State War Academy Station in orbit.

Maarit quickly fell in love with a young Federation Captain and had another daughter, Zannah O'Bane. Mina and Zannah grew up frolicking freely in the vast grass lands of Annaro VIII. They would often play hide and seek, which drove Zannah mad due to Mina's penchant for sitting perfectly still in the tall grass. When Mina Turned 5 she was enrolled by her mother in a private academy and was shipped off world to the State War Academy station. It was there that she first was taught how to pilot interstellar craft. She immediately showed amazing skill maneuvering ships of many sizes. Mina spent the next 13 years perfecting her skills as a pilot and eventually graduated with high honors.

State War Academy[edit]

After Mina graduated from the private academy she immediately enrolled in the State War Academy and was granted her Pilot's License. She took off in her brand new Ibis and flew to Uitra where all new Caldari Pilots are expected to train and perfect their skills. Unfortunately Mina quickly found that piloting a ship from a console and piloting from a pod were two very different beasts. She was forced to rethink all of her tactics and rebuild her skills from the ground up. Mina's first real ship was a simple Condor which she was graciously gifted by the Mission Agents in Uitra 6-4. Mina spent the first few weeks getting acclimated to the controls of her simple frigates, which was not easy as she lost her first condor to a pack of Guristas pirates in Uitra and a brand new Magnate a few days later; she had trained for and purchased it after seeing an Amarrian Omen in action. She now had many different types of ship having been given a Bantam, a Merlin, and a Cormorant as farewell gifts after being given her diploma. She continued as a student at the Uitra State War Academy station, running missions and mining in a Bantam until she got word her mother was sick. Mina left all of her contacts behind and caught the next transport freighter headed out to Annaro. She spent the next five months caring for her mother until she finally passed away from a rare form of renal cancer. Mina flew back to Uitra to continue flying for the State War Academy until she was recruited by Witchdoctor24, another Capsuleer she had met briefly at the private school in orbit around Annaro VIII. Mina left Caldari space and placed all of her possesions into her Merlin and flew to Stacmon, the home system of the Black Shadow Rangers.

Black Shadow Rangers[edit]

The Black Shadow Rangers were a Capsuleer corporation effectively based in Stacmon though they were Headquartered in Dodixie. It had many members and was quite active, running level 5 missions and regularly camping gates in nearby low security systems.