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Mining tips for new miners

  1. Work toward training your mining and Industry skill levels as high as you can, at least level 4.
  2. Buy the best gear you can but realize some of it is free.
    1. A free Venture mining frigate is given as part of the Industrial Tutorial. It has a 5,000 m3 ore hold is agile and has a good tank. Plus Mining Frigate will eventually be a requirement for barges.
    2. Miner II give good yield and should be an early goal. Ignore the Modulated Deep Core Miner II early on. They require Mining Crystals to be effective and have very high fitting requirements.
    3. Defensive drones such as hobgoblin I are recommended for mining bellow 0.8 security space where rats spawn.
  3. Do not mine in an industrial. These hauling ships are slow and weak so they are popular targets for player and non-player pirates.
  4. The best thing to mine will always depend on the market. You should check the market for the latest prices in the more common raw ores.

Tips for mining Barges

  1. Lock multiple asteroids and spread focus of your lasers on separate asteroids. This reduces the need to tend the lasers or strips and prevents multiple lasers cycling on empty space.
  2. Avoid Modulated Strip Miner II unless you already know the ore processing skill to use the Mining Crystals they require.
  3. Avoid the Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II unless you are mining Mercoxit in nullsec Gravimetric Sites.
  4. For solo mining, start with a retriever and train you skills to get a Mackinaw.
  5. Do not sell ore every time you dock. Instead pile up ore and sell in bulk or haul to a trade hub to sell. This will save time, keeping the miners working in the belt on the asteroids and conserve your number of sell orders.
  6. Know your market before you sell.
    • Always check the market and place a sell order if possible.
    • Do not sell ore to buy orders unless they are better than the worst sell order and a good price based on Jita and Eve-wide values.
    • Check to see if ore is selling for more per m3 than the minerals it makes when refined.

Tips for Exhumers

  1. Know the roles and use of the different Tech II barges.
    • Skiff has the best tank to resist player ganks and nullsec rats.
    • Mackinaw is the best solo miner with the largest ore hold and a large 50% role bonus to Strips.
    • Hulk is an excellent fleet miner with a small hold, many targets, multiple strips and bonuses.
  2. Fleet with an orca pilot for fleet boosts in highsec and a Rorqual pilot in lowsec or nullsec. When properly flown, these ships provide bonuses to range, capacitor use and mining speed to the entire fleet.
  3. Fleet with a freighter to haul. With the release of Revelation, freighters can now pull ore from an orca making mining in station-less systems efficient and effective.
  4. Instead of a full flight of five combat drones, swapping one drone for a Salvage Drone enables the pilot to gather profitable salvage from the cloud of rat wrecks without even needing to waste a target slot.
  5. Know popular mining sites to improve your ore selection.
    • Cerlestes[1] bases its prices off of eve-central[2]
    • Grismar[3] can be used to quickly identify local ore prices based on minerals.