Mitsu Hekken

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Mitsu Hekken[edit]

Mitsu Hekken; Sukuuvestaa Corporation; Intelligence; Level 2; Caldari.


A COSMOS agent resident in the Reactor Factory in Nakugard system of the Ani constellation


Caldari Incursion - Rogue Brigand Attack (1 of 3)[edit]

Template:Quote Aquire : 8 units of Punk ID Slice (0,8m³). Reward: 100,000 ; Bonus: 100,000 (60 minutes).

Caldari Incursion - The missing Logs (2 of 3)[edit]

Template:Quote Trade: 5 units of Recruitment Center Data Log (0,5m³). Reward: 300,000 ; Bonus: 1,000 units of Republic Fleet EMP S (35 minutes).

Caldari Incursion - The Thukker Tribe Envoy (3 of 3)[edit]

Template:Quote Trade: 1 unit of Vanir Makono's DNA (0,1m³). Reward: 3 run BPC ; Bonus: 200,000 (6 hours).

Vanir Makono can be found in the Contested Minmatar Military Depot in Inder. The gate accepts T1 cruisers and smaller.