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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Moa is a Caldari cruiser which has been described as a 'swooping bird of prey'. Its appearance was tweaked over its years of development. Previous proposed designs, including an asymmetrical perched bird design, lost out to the daring, 'bird of prey' appearance it now boasts. Far more hearty than the stolid Caracal, and more befitting experienced capsuleers than the Osprey, it has maintained steady popularity across Caldari space and beyond.

Under the right circumstances, the Moa is an effective combat ship. The bonus to shield resistances makes the ship a tough nut to crack, and its slot layout means it's configurable for a variety of jobs. Like many shield tanked ships, fitting tackling gear decreases the durability of the vessel.

While the Moa is less capable as a pure tackling ship than the Thorax, Omen or Stabber, its range bonus makes it desirable as a sniper, and it often serves as a stepping stone for pilots who want to fly a Ferox or a Rokh. The range bonus also results in pilots using the Moa with blasters, which gives it a moderately longer ranged punch than the Thorax or Vexor.

With two Tech II ship variants, the Moa is readily available outside of major trade hubs. Although not as durable as the Onyx or as long ranged as the Eagle, the Moa remains a capable ship in the hands of a well trained pilot.

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