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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

A Mobile Warp Disruptor is a deployable structure that generates a warp disruption field: an area of space within which ships cannot warp and jump drives cannot be activated. Like other items that generate such fields, a mobile warp disruptor - and, simultaneously, the field - is referred to colloquially as a "bubble", due to the field's appearance, and can only be used in 0.0 security space. Like HICs and unlike Warp Disrupt Probes, they can be attacked and destroyed, but they are not ship-based (unlike the former) and are bigger and longer-lasting than the latter.

Mobile warp disruptors, as distinct from other bubbles, have three main functions:

  • At a stargate or wormhole, it prevents any ship that emerges from warping away, effectively trapping it. This can force an entire fleet to engage. Such "bubble camps" are a constant threat to travellers in nullsec.
  • At a distance from any location a ship might be expected to warp to, it pulls ships out of warp prematurely, stopping their warp at the edge of the field, as long as it's on the same grid as the destination. This can be used when one or more ships can be expected to warp to a location from a particular direction, to prevent them from getting there (probably forcing them to engage or be attacked by POS weapons instead).
  • When sieging a player owned starbase (POS), bubbles placed so as so completely cover the interior of the force field will prevent any ships from escaping it without engaging the besieging fleet.

Deploying and using a Mobile Warp Disruptor[edit]

To deploy a mobile warp disruptor you'll need both the Anchoring and the Propulsion Jamming skills. Also, you can only place them in 0.0 space systems.

Place a disruptor into your ship's cargo hold and fly to where you want to deploy the field. Open your cargo hold and right click the item. In addition to the usual options for items in cargo, you will see options "Deploy for self" and "Deploy for corp". If you deploy it for your corporation, members of your corporation will be able to both anchor and unanchor it; otherwise only you will control it. Once in space, the disruptor will begin emitting a warp disruption field.

If the disruption field is not anchored, it will disappear from the game quite quickly, so you should usually anchor it. This will take some time depending on your skill levels and the type of the disruptor.

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