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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Morsus Mihi began life in Geminate & Vale Of The Silent then quickly settled Tribute as part of the Northern Coalition going on to control the region for a full five years. During those years the Northern Coalition survived numerous invasions, often by falling back to Tribute and inflicting heavy losses on invading forces in the region. During the MAX campaign of 110 EST the GBC and NC coalitions clashed in Tribute in a series of extremely heavy capital battles as the powerful GBC threw everything it could against Morsus Mihi sovereignty. Most of the battles went against the invaders who were forced to withdraw and ultimately lost their own home several months later in a counter-invasion. Originally known as the 'Gateway of the north' Tribute under Morsus Mihi ownership became known as the 'Fortress of the north', and today Tribute is the region that the most capital hulls have been lost fighting over.

In the spring of 113 EST many of the NC's long-time enemies joined forces with the Drone Region Forces superpower, and hired super-capital power Pandemic Legion to form a super-capital fleet massively surpassing anything the galaxy had witnessed before. As the invading forces swelled several key battles were fought over Geminate and Vale of the Silent with supercap losses initially being heavy on both sides, yet even. Many predicted a repeat of former invasions, but this time the NC was spent early and by the time the invading super-capital fleet reached Tribute Morsus Mihi had no answer. The Fortress was finally broken.

In response Morsus Mihi effectively dissolved the NC and respectfully reset standings to many long-time allies before relocating to Delve to begin a new chapter in the alliance's history. After six months living in Delve the corporations decided to part ways.

File:MMIcon21 01.png
Name Morsus Mihi
Ticker RAWR
Type 0.0, Dictatorship, Anti-Pirate, Non-Expansionist
Founded January 20th, 108 EST
Status Disbanded (November, 113 EST)
Contact details
Alliance CEO Vuk Lau
Diplomat(s) None
Public Channel RAWR Public Forum
Website RAWR Killboard
Executor No Formal Executor Corp
Members 4S Corporation
Fusion Enterprises Ltd
Macabre Votum
Oberon Incorporated
The Arrow Project
The Graduates
Wrecking Shots

Notable Personnel[edit]


Vuk Lau - 110.04.01 to 113.11.30
KOTH Fluf - 108.12.18 to 110.03.31
Soul Raven - 108.07.01 to 108.12.17
shone - 108.01.20 to 108.06.30

Military Leaders[edit]

Vlade Randal
Ronan Teisdari

Member Corporations[edit]

At Close[edit]


  • WEPRA CORP - WEPRA merged fully with 4S Corporation in January 109 EST after a long history of close cooperation between the two corporations. In June 111 EST some former WEPRA members reformed the corporation and left RAWR to pursue alternate interests.
  • Rage of Angels - ROA formally disbanded in April 109 EST. Significant parts of ROA's memberbase are now in other RAWR corps.

Major Conflicts[edit]

Siege of LS-JEP[edit]

Main Article: Siege of LS-JEP

Against the odds Morsus Mihi stepped boldly onto the main stage of nullsec warfare and initiated a territorial conflict against the then largest alliance, in a complex and chaotic political environment. LS-JEP was one of the first capital wars seen in New Eden outside the Empires. After nearly a month of grinding warfare that sucked in alliances from across the galaxy The Forsaken Empire ceded control of the system to Morsus Mihi in return for peace.

Aftermath - Morsus Mihi was still a tiny entity at the end of the LS-JEP seige, with fewer than 250 pilots. The intensity of the conflict took a heavy toll, resulting in extremely high levels of leadership burnout and demob sickness among pilots. Many pilots questioned the sanity of abandoning a station the alliance had fought so hard for. But Morsus Mihi leaders had their sights firmly on the future. LS-JEP had been a mere training excerise and RAWR had much more important enemies. The successes were cashed in for a position in the emerging Northern Coalition and the long planned process of growing the alliance finally began. From humble beginings of anti-piracy in the forgetable surroundings of Geminate Morsus Mihi now dug it's weary fingernails firmly into a future as a major land-holding capital alliance, and refused to let go. It would be a long time before such levels of glory were tasted again, the challenges ahead were great, but it would come.

Conquering of the North[edit]

Tau Ceti Federation Siege of Tribute[edit]

MC/BoB Tribute Incursions[edit]

Great War: Querious Campaign[edit]

Great War: Fountain Campaign[edit]

Great War: North Lost[edit]

Great War: Liberating Tenal & Branch[edit]

Great War: Clearing Fountain & Y-2[edit]

Great War: Delve & Withdrawal[edit]

Insurgency/Triumvirate War[edit]

MAX Defence: Deklein & Vale[edit]

MAX Defence: Fortress Tribute[edit]

MAX Defence: Reclaiming North-East[edit]

Southern Counter: Curse & Catch[edit]

Southern Counter: The Fall Of Delve[edit]

Southern Counter: 49- & P. Basis[edit]

The JLO Intervention[edit]

Tech Wars: Atlas & Tri Pincer[edit]

Tech Wars: Kitchen Sink Invasion[edit]

Drone Wars: Cobalt Edge[edit]

Drone Wars: Geminate Reclaimed[edit]

Drone Wars: Cap-yard Shutdow[edit]

Drone Wars: DRF Counter-Invasion[edit]

Drone Wars: Invasion Super-Sized[edit]

Delve: Thunderdome[edit]

Delve: We Want Sov We Don't Want Sov[edit]


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Jun EST 109 No White Flag (North Lost Video)
Oct EST 110 CCP Oughta Know (Lag Protest Video)
Nov EST 110 Issue of Tribute Times
Sep EST 111 Fanfest Presentation (Video)
Dec EST 111 Issue of Tribute Times
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