Mostly Harmless (Player alliance)

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File:Mostly Harmless.png
Name Mostly Harmless
Ticker -42-
Type Zero Zero
Founded 2007.05.13
Status Looking Pretty
Contact details
Alliance CEO Nevvyn
Diplomat(s) Nevvyn
Public Channel None
Executor Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
Members The Salmon of Doubt
Fusion Research Ltd
Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
4 wing
MH Area 42
M. Corp Engineering
Pleasure and Pain
Erasers inc.
Infinite Improbability Inc
The Rising Stars
THORN Syndicate
UK Corp
do you
Svea Rike
Incidental Damage

Mostly Harmless is a member of the Northern Coalition that is based out of parts of the Fade and Tenal regions. It was formed by former member corporations of the alliance Dusk and Dawn and originally lived in the Cobalt Edge region before losing that space to Solar Wing.