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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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The Moth Apis is a First Generation Rogue Drone (Drone Class), it appears to have been of Amarr origin as it was originally a Tech I Acolyte Light Scout Drone and externally it maintains the same appearance. This may be due to keeping a stealth like ability by being able to appear as a standard drone or it may well be that the Hive deems the resources required to upgrade the drone inefficient and easier to create a new Rogue Drone of the Hives own design then to retro-fit this existing drone. A major draw back of First Generation Rogue Drones appears to be that the advanced A.I. systems are very power hungry and so power is redirected from all other systems to meet this requirment, this leaves the drone with reduced capacities in all other areas.

File:Acolyte left.JPG
Profile: Left
File:Acolyte front.JPG
Profile: Front
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Profile: Right
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Profile: Bottom



This is a First Generation Rogue Drone and as such its design is of Empire origin, all of its systems are almost identical to a typical Tech I Acolyte Light Scout Drone with only afew systems showing signs of modification using Nanites. Outwardly this Rogue Drone is almost impossible to distinguish from a normal Acolyte in use all over New Eden, the only difference is a slight change in the colour of the Hull which an observant Capsuleer may be able to notice using direct observation with their camera Drones.


Small amounts of Rogue Drone technology have been integrated into this drones systems to increase its performance in certain areas. One such area is the Drones Reactor, the efficiency has been increased by more then 30% over their Empire counterparts with all this extra power being routed directly to the A.I. Core. The exact mechanism for this increase is not yet fully understood but appears to be linked to a Sheen Compound found inside the reactor casing itself, somehow it acts as some form of catalyst increasing the reactions taking place.

Mounted in the front of the drones Hull is a sensor suite including Magnetometric & Visual capability with a scan resolution of 1,500mm which seems to be the result of an Opulent Compound being used to enhance the sensors resolution, this has been done to increase this Rogue Drones combat performance. The main Engines appear to be current Empire designs, with an increase in energy efficiency as would be expected in Rogue Drone systems and are mounted directly to the rear of the Rogue Drones main hull, they have the capacity to boost the drone up to a speed of 950 Meters Per Second whilst still maintaining a good level of agility which is in keeping with all Drone class sized ships.

The system that shows the most amount of modification is the A.I. Core as you would expect in a Rogue Drone, there are multiple expansions to the memory banks and there are also twice as many networked processors in the center of the Core when compared to a Empire Acolyte Drone and these have all been upgraded with a Motley Compound to improve their operational speed and performance. There also a large increase in the amount power that is being feed into the Core along the heavily modified and reinforced power conduits, as the expanded Core consumes a large amount of the power generated by the drones Reactor.


Mounted either side of the main Hull are a pair of dual, standard Pulse Lasers which serve as this Rogue Drones only armaments. Due to the large amount of power that is redirected to the A.I. Core these Lasers are operating at well below their normal capacity which has resulted in lower damage yields being achieved with these Pulse Lasers then you would normally expect. These Lasers have however been modified to increase their rate of fire in an attempt to compensate for their lower power rating and the lenses in the Lasers have also been replaced with Rogue Drone lenses made from a Crystal Compound which has the effect of increasing the focus of the beams which it turn leads to a higher thermal output then the Empire Acolyte Drones Pulse Lasers can produce.

Behaviour & Intelligence[edit]

During combat encounters this Rogue Drone is used in amongst the first waves with other drone classes as it is considered expendable by the Hive due to its limited utility and as such it operates as a disposable fighter, trying to draw fire from its opponent to protect more valuable Rogue Drone types. These drones are also used in stealth missions, such as gathering intelligence on possible targets and rival Hives or infiltration and ambush missions where the Rogue Drone lies in what appears to be in a dormant state inside an asteroid field waiting for a Capsuleer to come along at which point it either activates and attacks the surprised Capsuleer or waits to be scooped it into the cargobay, where the Rogue Drone will then start to infiltrate the ship board computer systems in an attempt to take control of the ship

This Rogue Drone shows the typical soldier behaviour expected of a Rogue Drone, it shows no survival instincts when fighting to protect its Hive or when trying to achieve its missions objectives, preferring to fight to the death to accomplish either, as is common with all other soldiers in Hive type societies we know of that exist in nature.


The results of our research has provided us with a wealth of information, which we have formatted into current standards used in Capsuleer ships for ease of comparison.

Signature Radius Scan Resolution MAGNETOMETRIC Strength Maximum Locked Targets Maximum Lock Range Maximum Velocity
25m 1,500mm 4 1 3.5 Kilometers 950m/s
Weapon Damage ElectroMagnetic Thermal Rate Of Fire Tracking Speed Optimal Range Accuracy Falloff
Turrets 4 1 2.5 Seconds 2.43 rad/sec 1,000 Meters 2,000 Meters
Damage Resistances ElectroMagnetic Explosive Kinetic Thermal
Shield Resistances 0% 60% 40% 20%
Armor Resistances 60% 10% 25% 35%
Hull Resistances 0% 0% 0% 0%
Ship Structual Integrity (Hitpoints) Amount Regeneration Ability
Shield Capacity 3 Peak Passive Recharge Rate: 0.38 Capacity Per Second
Armour Capacity 10 -
Hull Capacity 13 -


Being a First Generation Rogue Drone it should be similar in performance to the Tech I Acolyte of the Amarr Empire and as such it will be compared to that particular drone type.

This Rogue Drone is a poor relation to its Empire cousin, the Tech I Acolyte is superior in almost every single way, with sensors that are twice as powerful as the ones the Rogue Drone possesses and the Empire Acolytes sensor suite also covers the whole spectrum, going through Gravimetric, Ladar, Magnetometric and Radar bands. The engines possess less then a third of the maximum thrust available to the Empire Acolyte leaving the Rogue Drone lagging way behind during combat engagements, this combined with the fact that the Pulse Lasers only have a quarter of the Empire Acolytes power means that during combat the Rogue Drone will struggle to bring its Lasers into range and when it does they can only do a fourth of the damage that the Empire Acolytes can.

The shields, armour and structure of the Rogue Drone all possess about a twelfth of the strength of the Empire Acolytes systems, the damage resistance profiles are about the same for all defence systems as well apart from the Empire Acolytes armour has a higher resistance to thermal damage then the Rogue Drones.

The only ways in which the Rogue Drone is superior is in its power output from its Reactors and its A.I. Core having a far higher capactiy in both processor speed and memory space then its Empire equivalent and its Signature Resolution being twelve times higher then its Empire equivalent which allows it lock onto targets with a much greater speed.


Operating as a disposable soldier, infiltrator and an ambusher this Rogue Drone poses little threat to any Capsuleer in normal combat as even the most basic Tech I light scout drones they may deploy significantly out power this Rogue Drone. The only risks that they do pose to Capsuleer's is their infiltration ability (if you take one onboard your vessel by scooping it to your cargohold).

Their stealth capability to conduct recon flights on possible targets of interest with no risk of being identified (as a First Generation Rogue Drone its outward appearance is no different to standard Tech I Empire Acolytes) should not be discounted as useless as this has the possibility to give the Hive advanced warning of approaching threats and thus time to prepare their defences. Capsuleer's should also be wary of ambushes from what appear to be abandoned Tech I Acolytes found in space.

Threat Assessment: VERY LOW