Municipal Junkyard

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Municipal Junkyard[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Deltole system of the Algintal constellation.


When the tourist industry in Algintal was in its infancy the local authorities became concerned that the abundance of space debris left by earlier colonists would hurt tourism in the long run. They carried out a hasty cleanup operation of the constellation, collecting most of the debris and dumping it in a remote place in the Deltole system. The intent was always to finish the job later and incinerate the heap, but the authorities have never gotten around to it and the Municipal Junkyard has been left alone for decades now. It is thus the perfect place for smugglers running illegal operations such as forgery.


Wrtuk Formur[edit]

Rogue Stock – Trimming the Edges (1 of 4)[edit]

Rogue Crop – Neither Safe nor Sorry (2 of 4)[edit]

Rogue Crop – Root of the Problem (3 of 4)[edit]

Rogue Crop – Alpha Strike (4 of 4)[edit]

Krester Rupptofs[edit]

The Forgery Prelude[edit]

The Forgery - Framed! (1 of 5)[edit]

The Forgery - Mark it for Market (2 of 5)[edit]

The Forgery - Dollhouse (3 of 5)[edit]

The Forgery - Fogeddaboutid (4 of 5)[edit]

The Forgery - Tie the Knot (5 of 5)[edit]