Musical instruments in Ambulation (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Bane Glorious
Submission Date: 01-08-2008
Issue ID: 0102-04-0053


CCP is currently looking for cool things for people to do while walking in stations. What I propose is to basically steal a feature from Lord of the Rings Online wholesale. LOTRO allows player avatars to buy musical instruments and use number keys to play tunes and things. For most people, you can pump out a song about as intricate as you could using the Ocarina in TLOZ:OOT, but there are ways to upload song midis into it so you can get it to play pretty much any song automatically. In LOTRO, you can use a 3rd party javascript program to turn a midi file into a .abc file, and then you put that in the My Games/LOTRO/music folder. In game, you whip out your guitar, clarinet, bagpipes, whatever, then you type "/music" and then "/play [song]". Then the game will start playing whatever you converted from a midi. This would be a cool feature that could get people very interested in ambulation and EVE Online in general


  • Try out a LOTRO trial to see how it works, if you need to. (see also: )
  • The ability to mute people who play particularly bad music may be necessary at some point.

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